Short Dress No Undies


I love to watch my g/f on a night out in a very short dress because I know when she has had a few drinks she always goes to the toilet and upon her return she hands me her undies, always a thong.

We try to go to the clubs in the city where they have stairs because there are always a group of guys waiting to cop an eye full. Well last Sat night was no exception and within minutes of 4 guys seeing her shaven ***** they were dancing with her, She always puts a small distance between me and her when her knickers come off to make it look like no one is with her this way I get to watch as she gets touched up.

These 4 guys seemed to be foreign and the leader, she later told me he said his name was Ian but sounded like Eorn, seemed very interested in my g/f. It must have only taken 5mins for them to be kissing deeply on the dance floor. One of his hands on her the other on her bum riding the dress higher; the other 3 were behind her egging the main guy on to lift the dress higher. Soon I could see the cheeks of her bum and the guys behind came closer and I could see they were taking turns feeling her bum and even reaching further under bum to feel her *****, one guy pulled his hand away and rubbed his fingers together and offered them to his friends to smell. From where I was standing I could see his fingers glistening and shine.

They all went to sit at a table and i tried to follow without letting people see the huge hard on i had because even in the dim lighting you could see my **** standing proud.

I found a spot where I could look down onto their table and watched as my g/f sat down with 2 guys either side. I could just see her legs from above the knees up. The good looking main guy was sat on her right (my left as I looked at them had his arm around her waist and asked my g/f something and turned to the one behind him and he got up and went to the bar. As he turned around my g/f was already kissing the guy on her left, she said his name was Davos or Stavos not so sure.

Ian obviously thought he was going to be the one and only but as his nose was put out of joint he decided to have some fun with her anyway and as his mate was necking with my g/f in earnest he grabbed one of her boobs but as I well know this just got her more horny and she reached down and got hold of Davos's **** through his pants. 

I could see her wanking his **** and pushing her palms down on his balls and as she turned towards him so he could feel her boobs Ian let go and focused his attention on her arse. He lifted her dress up as far as her waist and I could see him pushing push first 1 then 2 then 3 fingers into her. She grabbed Davos hard and I could tell she was cumin. Ian's hand was going faster and faster in and out of her then it hit her. I heard her *** from where i was standing and i was around 15 feet away. I also noticed around 5-6 passersby stopping to have a look what was going on. I could see Ian's hand covered in her ***, all shiny and wet.

She got up and smoothed her dress down and she said something to the guys kissed them all and went to the toilets. I followed her to the toilets and waited for her to come out. When she did I told her what I had seen and she said that they all want to **** her and do I mind, I think that was when I came too, lol.

I am not going to go on about this yet but the story is only half way through so if you want the rest you will have to get in touch with me.

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MAN!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue............u might not know but that there are so many hubbies here who would like this to happen with them in real, EVERY WEEKEND!

This is absolutely my kind of fun!<br />
Have done this with several GFs and my present partner is well up for it, have a look for some of our stories here<br />
Have done the 2 girls thing too and it really is wonderful when they are both out puling and playing then they come back to you and you leave with them both, one of the best feelings I think that you can have!

VEry nice story and absolutely hot. bet you had a great **** that night!!!

wow your gal is great- You are great for letting her get off with these strangers on your excursions. love to hear more sir...

that is rotten making us wait.

Great story... wouldn't it be great to take 2 hot girls out on the town.. then stand back as you did and watch as they behave like 2 girls 'on the pull'... :-)

I've given my husband similar stories to tell. Why not finnish yours?

Your lady certainly goes for what she wants. I'm sure her "energy" pleases everyone (and mostly you!)

tell me more!!

Great story! love to hear more!

Great story! Even blurred your g/f looks wonderful! Thanks for the share.

that was great! tell/ show more!

I would love to as long as you are willing to be very openminded about them!