Short Skirt Long Boots

when i saw my wife getting ready for a night out with some friends . I knew all eyes would be on her. She was wearing a nice short gray skirt and long black leather boots with a top that showed a nice amount of cleavage. Once we walked into the bar all the men were eyeing her. I could tell from the look on my wife's face that she loved it. She knew that she could have the choice of any man in the bar. We started off with a couple of drinks and then she decided to go on the dance floor with some of her girlfriends. After only one song i saw a group of three men slowly approach her and her friends and basically just started grinding with them. My wife and I have a very open relationship and she knows i love it when she is interacting with other men in any way so she went with the flow. After about 20 mintues of grinding with my wife. I saw his hand slowly reach under her skirt and start grabbing her ***. This continued till the man found out i was present at the club which scared him off (bummer)

On the way home she was telling me see really liked the guy and was really getting horny when he was grabbing her ***.

We returned to the same club the next week hoping to find this man so this adventure could continue but no luck.

my wife and I are still looking for this man so my wife can really enjoy him.

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that is so so sexy - tell us more about when she shares

Good story, thanks for sharing.<br />
Yes there a lot of guys out there that would be glad to bang your wife.

so hot!!! love this story

I too love it when my wife wears her short skirts. I love to watch the eyes on her legs. Not got a complete stranger have a feel yet but I want it to happen.

she would be really excited and probably reach around a grab your ****