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The First Time I Saw My Wife With Another **** In Her ****!

The first time that I saw my wife with another man's **** up her **** she wasn't my wife.I went to a party with a freind of mine. The party was at the apartment of some guys that my friend knew. It was Memorial Day weekend of 1977. We had been there about an hour when my friend asked where the bathroom was, and was told to go upstairs. When he came back he told me that we should go upstairs to watch an **** in progress. He said that one room was lined with mattresses, each one having a woman on it getting ****** by 1 to 3 men on each woman. We went up to a large room that had about 6 matresses lined up side by side with a woman on each one with many guys mounted on them. We watched the **** for a while and walked around to see what was going on at each place. One woman with very long black hair was on her hands and knees with a **** in her *** and one in her mouth. I had never seen a woman getting ****** up the *** before so I stood and watched until both men shot their *** into her. When they were done, the guys pulled out of her letting her slump down onto the matress. When she hit the matress she rolled over pulling her hair out of her face, I turned to my buddy and said WTF?! He asked what is up and I told him to look at the woman with the long hair. He looked and said is that really her? It was a woman that we had gone to school with 5 years earlier. We watched her for another 2 hours as she took on many more men. When the party was winding down she came up to me and asked why I didn't fick her. I told her that I didn't like to preform before an audience. She asked me to take her home, but I told her that I was with a friend that I pointed out to her. She said that she remembered him from school and that she had enough holes for both of us. We took her home and spent the entire weekend enjoying every hole she had, one at a time and both of us at the same time. ! year later she was my wife. We spent 25 years together and I watched her service about 275 to 300 men in that time. Many of them were repeat cummers, having her many, many times while I watched. I loved sloppy seconds and still do with my present lady friend.
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That sounds quite a bit like my wife. I first saw her getting gang banged by about 8 or mor guys at a party we went to. I was in the kitchen playing cards when one of the guys came back from the john and said to me "a bunch of guys are ******* your wife right now, do you want to see it?" I said yes anw we went to look and there she and a bunch of guys were ******* her **** and ***. I got horny watching and I unzipped my pants and jacked off for about two hours moe. Then we went home with her full of ***.

OMG MY WIFE was SEDUCED AND ****** ON Memorial Day weekend also... Her first time....

nice, great she became your wife