Hot Wife Dirty Dancing With Other Men

well, i cant get enough. we are going out again to a hot LA dance club{saturday} and she has the outfit already picked out. i have asked her not to wear  a bra but of course it is up to her. i will have a good time just watching all the young men with their hands on my 53 year old wife. i cant wait.. does anyone else get worked up all week to watch your wife dance with other men?
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I feel the same. It's very hot!!

I started a thread about the lack of videos out there depicting this very thing or similar circumstances like flirting or the wife sitting at the bar alone waiting to be asked by a man to dance. There are so many of us who love to see our beautiful wives getting turned on by other men as well as our wives being appreciated by them. What can I say? It's hot and it turns me on like nothing else. My wife is gorgeous and I'm very proud of her whenever we go out. She dresses any way she wants but I encourage her to wear the shortest dress along with heels. The sexier the better. The more she enjoys flirting with other men,the more I get turned on. The more provocative she is on the dance floor the harder I get. I have given up trying to figure out why this turns me on. It just f does and it seems to work for her too.....thankfully

Any stories? Would love to hear them

Awesome. Please share your experiences. Tks

Had the pleasure of recently joining my wife on the dance floor as she was grinding with a stranger. It was my birthday treat and she agreed to grind for my viewing pleasure. I loved every minute.It's very hot watching your sexy wife grinding up against another man, but probably more arousing if both men grind her at once.

well both men grinding simultaneously is just wow!

I guess the couple needs to be very bold though, have tried it once and were pushed outta club!

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recently went to a bar with my gf of just under a year and my friend . she wanted to get drunk that evening and my girlfriend who is a very committed person also has, a very naughty past with alot of guys and experiences. she drank all night and started to lose her wall that she puts up to hide that she enjoys other guys and their attention. she then went on to flirting with my friend , who is fit, and started groping his pecks and arms . eventually as the night progressed the more things got touchy his leg between hers and fast thigh rubs , i enjoyed sitting there and watching it happen hoping for more. i told them i was going out for air would be 2 minutes. upon coming back they were gone . walking over to the dancefloor i saw them both grinding hard. her *** full into his crotch with his hands running over her body. the look of ecstasy on her face was amazing. standing there in a dark corner watched as they got hot and heavy and my heart was pounding . jealousy then arousal and got really hard hoping for more. i eventually moved in not letting things get too far for fear that she would regret something she did . as i danced with her she pushed me away and wanted me to watch her dance alone while guys moved in . needless to say , a very good looking one did but after a few seconds i grabed her back. being my first time i wasnt sure what to do and now regret not letting her go and watching her watch me as she got the other guy off.. we talked about it she enjoyed her night and completely boosted her confidince . its all i can think about and want more.... anyone else feel the same?

Wow, that is amazing!!!!! Keep us posted, so hotttt!!!!

Happens more than one might think. Had an evening like that years ago and ended early and now regret it. Wrote it up as a story, After the Wedding... What might have been...

u mustn't have stopped her......doesn't happen every night!

I get so turned on watching my beautiful wife dance with her Black Jamaican Dance Partner, my heart beats so rapidly, my whole body gets sexually superchared just watching them dance & grind, I especially love the look on her face, she is in such a sexual trance!!
I then get to go to bed with her and reap the beanifits of my HotWife after he gets her so sexed up !!

I am with you brother. Do you ever tell her how you feel. Ask her to close her eyes and think of him during sex. She will love it and watch her *** much faster then normal

Wow, tell us more, please! That is HOT!!

This is so hot, I love it too!!

my wife does get hot in the bed when i start talking about one of my male friends...she gets excited whhen i mention his name and then she tries to carry on the conversation till she is moaning....i want to c how she behaves if i get her to sleep with him..of course with me watching...i fantasise about them dancing and humping on the dance not sure whether she actually is game for it

My wife and I dance at least once per week. Her outifts are very sexy. She wears short, very twirly skirts, with thigh highs and sheer panties. I love it when she is asked to dance, so I can watch as she is twirIed and I can see her beautiful legs, the tops of her stockings and the panties, which leave nothing to hide. If she is in the mood, she will allow him to feel her up, as he grinds her. Once one guy dances with her, others ask and some will get their hands up her skirt and into her panties, if they can find a discreet place on the dance floor. I now have gotten enough nerve to mention it to her, telling her how excited it makes me, and she obviously enjoys it because we keep on doing it.

Sounds like you might be a cockold husband. I bet you would like to see her actually have sex with a stranger stud while he bangs away bringing her to estacy. Relax, your not weird, many men have fantasies of this including myself. You have to take things slow and make sure you are communicating with your wife what you both feel is acceptable or not.

Well, we went out Saturday and with mixed results. 1st my wife didn’t like the fact I left her and she was made to feel like “one of those type of girls”. In the future I will be more carful with the way I leave her on the dance floor. I watched as men danced with her. My emotions went like a rollercoaster. One minute I was excited, another I was jealous, and then another I thought I must be nuts putting her up to this. Am I really sick? She danced with one guy who grab her breast and pushed his hard c---- into her a number of times. The rollercoaster was going fast and crazy in my head. I felt like jumping up and screaming no and then acculy 3 guys did that but one more then the others. I felt as if I was watching the hottest event of my life. When my wife grinded into him twice toward the end of the dance I almost went in my pants. See the feedback I am hoping for in this forum is from men and women who have gone through the beginning of this journey my wife and I have embarked on. What I am not looking for are idiots who just want to post their name. But I will take the good with the bad. Please respond…thanks

Very nice . I see that you have got your first experience. I too would like my first encounter and like you I am sure will have a rollercoaster ride between jealousy and feeling hot. From your experience do you want to do it again? Did you enjoy watching your wife with other guy and has your sex life become hotter? Sorry too many questions :)