The Pleasure Of Watching The Mare...

Some of you may already have seen a mare being bred by a stallion - the huge **** sliding out of its sheath, the tremendously powerful erection, the heavy balls, all the bigger since they might be cut any time to geld him once the breeding is done, the neighing as he plunges deep into the vagina in heat, the powerful rump of the mare pumping wildly to get the juice deep inside...Very few people can actually watch a breeding of horses and not feel tremors between their legs. Particularly knowing how precious the balls are for the stallion, since most horses will end up with their balls in the garbage in order to be a little more...docile once they have done some breeding duties and enjoyed a few brief *******.  The sounds, the power, the sights, the smells...all makes this highly erotic. A lot of girls and boys in the countryside have had their first **** after seeing horses breeding. Most adult females watching horses coupling badly need to take their wet panties off and get ****** like mares right after the sight. 
A similar tremor occurs when you have the privilege of watching your wife with another male. You can of course never really watch yourself, except in some hotel rooms with mirrors and if you have filmed yourself on webcam, but it's not quite the same: an image or a picture is not the real life, 3D thing. There is the view of your woman, all hot and ready, usually on all fours, naked and willing, but a little apprehensive, like the mare, particularly the first time she enjoys a new penis, waiting like the mare for the moment that hard, huge penis will penetrate. Her **** and her *** fill the room with the smell of desire. There is the powerful erection, the huge swollen member, circumcised or uncapped, the glans swollen, satiny or glistening, round or pointed, ready to perform, the balls hanging under it as they get ready to be milked, full of juice that will find its way into one of your female's bowels. There is the gasp as the **** enters the chosen orifice, the moans, the smell of sex wafting off as the penis starts going in and out. There is the smell of warm, wet vaginal channel, or the vanilla smell of the rectum as the woman gasps and screams and gets done like a boy. And when the deed comes to its logical conclusion, the gasps and moans turn into neighing and wild words and screams like the mare, the round *** pumping feverishly, the buttocks hitting the pubic bone of the male, the penis going deep inside, the balls flapping in the air or hitting the lips under the back hole, then tightening and the stallion suddenly emptying his now tight gonads deep into the chosen hole or **** chute, the only difference being that humans can choose the reproductive or the non-reproductive tract, when horses are limited to the reproductive one only. And whether Madam receives the warm male juice in her **** or in her rectum, the chosen sheath pumps wildly, needs to feel the power of the male, needs to milk every drop of the rich ball juice,..because like the mare she needs **** and needs to feel the male orgasming, reducing her to pulp...
Once the deed is done, the woman needs more, the man needs rest, and it's your turn to be the stallion. Still having those wonderful images, sounds and smells in your memory as you **** the happy mare, brainless and completely open to whatever males want to do with her. There's something profoundly erotic of course in watching, hearing and smelling the coupling and the sex, but there is something absolutely delightful in watching the big round eyes of your woman as she surrenders totally to her mare-like situation, letting all social and rational defenses down and being only naked flesh to be happily ******, *******, spanked, caressed, ***********, and thoroughly enjoyed. By the end of the evening, all her holes will smell like *****, her *** will gape and her **** willl leak, and her whole skin will reek of male sweat mixed with her own and whatever traces of her own juices the men's ***** have left on her. Like the mare...
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I *like* the way you think and I agree!!


damn what a nice comparison and highly erotic one at that ...mmmm that sounds fantastic and will need to share my wife with someone