Once Your Taste Black, You Won't Go Back!

I was laying in bed waiting with nothing while waiting for my black lover to arrive and my hubby being in the living room waiting for him. I had been with him on a few occasions but he had been unable to perform while hubby was in the room and I was left unsatisfied each time as he was unable to get hard no matter how much I sucked and played with him. Today was going to be different though as my husband was going to wait in another room while I was alone with him. I could not wait to see what his **** would look and feel like when it was hard, it was at least 6″ when soft and twice as thick as my hubby. When he finally arrived I heard my hubby telling that her hubby was in the bedroom and that I was waiting for him. When he came in we exchanged hellos and small chit chat while he got naked.

My ***** became very wet and aroused when he ***** he underwear off and his big **** was there for the taking. he climbed up onto the bed and and lay beside me. I slowly worked my hand down to his **** and for the first time felt it twitch in my hands. I had to have it in my mouth so I got on my knees and moved to his **** and slowly put it in my mouth and began sucking it into my mouth. I could not believe it when it began growing so quickly and filling my mouth so much. after a minute or two of sucking I had him completely hard for the first time and i was face to face with the biggest I have ever seen. it had to be at least 10″ long and so thick that I could not put my hand around it. I was so impressed with his **** that I continued sucking him for all I was worth while he played with my completely shaved ***** and fingered my *** got me so hot. I could only get the head in my mouth so I used both hands to slide back and forth across his massive shaft while working his head in and out of my mouth. I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to take his member in my ***** and my hubby’s **** when hard is only about 5″ and this thing i had now was so much bigger and thicker, but i had to try. he must have liked what i was doing to him because he said he could not wait any longer and he had to **** me. I rolled over to my back and he grabbed me by the ankles and lifted my legs high in the air with one of his hands while he took the other hand and grabbed his big **** and moved it to my wet entrance. He positioned the head just inside my ***** and let go of his **** with his one hand and grabbed my one foot with it and spread both of my legs wide apart and then he asked me if i was ready and I said yes. hid **** head was already stretching me so much more than me hubby's **** I wasn't sure what to except when he finally was to take the plunge into me but my ***** was on fire and I wanted to feel him in my *****.

As soon as I said yes he began his penetration and thrust his massive **** inwards. he went nice and slow, making me moan with pure lust,but was very steady with his penetration until he was buried all the way inside me. He held himself still inside me for a couple of seconds looking down at me, I felt as if i had a gone to heaven, never had my hubby made me feel like that. he smiled at me and bent down to lick and suck my nipples and began thrusting into me over and over, my hubby said he could hear me moaning from the other room. He began to pick up his pace and **** into me harder and harder making me moaning louder and louder till I was screaming at him to **** me. He asked me if I liked his **** and all i could manage to get out was to **** me with his big black ****. He pulled my feet together and placed them over his shoulders giving him more leverage to pound my *****. he leaned his body against my legs pushing them to my chest giving me that deepest pounding possible. he then inserted his finger into my *** asking me if I liked that too. I said yes and he put his finger all the way into my ***, his finger was probably as big as my hubby **** so I felt so full having his hefty **** in my ***** and large finger in my ***. He ****** me to orgasming in no time like that and when I was done ******* he said he wasn't done with me yet and rolled me over to my hands and knees to **** me 'doggie' style. When his **** left me I felt so empty and was eager to get it back in me. then I felt that large **** head slide over my ***** and press into me again making me shiver with joy. by now i was constantly moaning and telling him over and over how much i liked ******* him and i needed him. He wasn't so gentle this time when he entered me after his ****-head made contact with my ***** he slammed it all in me making me yelp with some surprise and a little pain not used to having something so deep in me. that didn't stop him from ******* me harder and harder again until he was practically knocking my head up against the wall. He ****** me through 2 more ******* when he announced that he was getting close and he wanted to have my *** as my hubby had promised he could have. I was very nervous about trying it but said we could try. He removed his **** from my ***** and lubed his **** up with the lube my hubby left near the bed.

He then moved back up behind me and pressed his **** back to my *** and began his assault on my ***. It was so big in there I thought he was going to split me in half but he managed to get the fat head in and rest seemed to follow but not without some serious pain at first. He began to rub my '****' while he was buried in me and held still till finally my *** relaxed enough for him to move. As he slowly began to **** my little *** it gradually start to feel good and what his hands were doing to my ***** soon had me begging him to **** my *** good. With that he straightened up and placed is hands on my waist and pulled me back deep onto his **** and started talking dirty to me telling me I was his little white ****. I was yelling yes over and over when he really started pounding into me and I began ******* so hard, I started pushing my *** onto his **** meeting each of his forward thrust to get every inch in me. He was ******* me like a mad man when he said he was going to to *** and i told him to *** in *** and that's exactly what he did. he ****** me so hard that last minute I was afraid the neighbors could hear me screaming. His ****** seemed to last forever which set off my last and most intense ****** of the day. When he finally went limp and his **** slid out my *** I felt his *** leaking out of me. I never have felt so much *** in my life. it was fantastic. H asked me if i liked it and i told him he could have me anytime he wanted and he said good because he was going to have my mouth ***** and *** every Sunday from now on while my hubby waits in the next room. when I told my hubby this he was excited and told me I must have been real good, but it sounded more like he was real good because he could hear me in every room on the main level of the house. My hubby wanted to know what he had done to me and as I told him he undressed me again and he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw that it wasn't my ***** that was leaking *** but my ***. He said that he was supposed to use the lube to get his **** ready for my ***** not my ***, but he wasn't pissed instead he was very turned on. He rolled the sheets back and saw all the *** on the bed too and asked how much did you make him ***, I told him lots with a smile. My hubby then asked if his **** was as big as i hoped it would be and when I told him how big it was he was amazed that i was able to take it.

I told him i was too but i had one more surprise for him, I asked him if he wanted to watch me take it as I had secretly set up the video cam in the closest while he was waiting for my lover to show up. He quickly said yes and we connected the tape to the TV and there i was with a large **** in my mouth and a finger in my ***. My hubby quickly put me in the doggie-style position and ****** me from behind while we both watched me get **** by that big black ****. it was the greatest **** I have ever had and can't wait till nest Sunday to do it again with my hubby willing to wait on the sidelines.
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