This is my biggest fantasy!  I can't get it out of my head.  We have done MMF a few times earlier in our marriage and I am dying to do it again.  But I would really prefer to get 2 or 3 or more guys to do my wife while I sit back and watch.  I found out that this particular fetish is called "Candaulism" - being aroused by exposing your wife or watching her have sex with others, rather than just "voyeurism" which is just watching random people.

I'd love to hear more from others of the same ilk.

36-40, M
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I'm in the same boat with you on that! Obviously there are some scenarios that you've always wanted to unfold in just the right way. I can appreciate that but when it comes to multiple male on wife/girlfriend sex quite often quantity easily trumps quality. It's sounds like your wife is like mine in that she's done it, she loved it but she's not gungho about making it a regular occurrence. The two of you role play and/or talk about it during sex and she really gets into it, right? Well this is what I'm going to do and so should a lot of other men in our situation. Do whatever it is you do to get your wife into the right frame of mind. I plan to have two adjacent motel rooms that you can open the doors to and access from the inside of the room. Once she's in the mood I would give a signal which would be followed by a knock at the front door. I answer, and what do you know it's a man in the same exact clothes I'm wearing but he's got a full mask which disguises his face. Once the parties started the next thing my wife knows I've got on a mask exactly like his. We leave our clothes on but unzip our pants allowing us to pull our ***** out. With help from the dim lighting, trance music and xxx ******** **** playing on the TV she's not sure what she's seeing or hearing. She quickly loses track of who's who and just takes which ever ****'s turn it is on which ever hole. After 10 or so minutes I'll give him the signal and he'll quietly duck away toward the inside door. When he opens the door and enters the other room another guy with the exact same outfit and mask quietly comes in and takes his place. She's not concerned seeing she has little idea who's even ******* her at that point. While he's taking his turn the other guy is giving someone else his clothes and mask so that they can await their turn. If you get guys around the same build you could just keep rotating them in and out..

Last year I called an electrician to fix the AC .I happened that he saw my wife nude while she was gowing out of the bathroom. While me and my wife were in bed that neight neight I told her that she have been seen nude by the electrician , she got so excited and asked me to **** her. After that when we are going to restorant I let her were sexy blouse that shows most of her breast and short skirt that uncover most of her long white smooth thighs. I feel excited because others are looking at her ang also she got very excited.

I love my girl being watched by other people... With or without her consent... It gives me a real high... I love her too.. I want to **** another girl with her watching.. Am I a candaulist?

Search "Candaulism" or "Cuckold"

candaulism is actually defined(Insatiable wives, and the men who love them..David Ley) as "the act of displaying photos or images of one's wife to other men, or arranging for her to be viewed in the nude by other men, usually without her consent.It usually escalates into him encouraging them to have sex with her, assumably with her permission"<x>sed on the historical story of King Canduales of Sardes; who was so enthralled with his wife's beauty, he arranged for one of his servants to see her naked. When she spotted the servant leaving afterwards, she ordered him to either kill Candaules and seize his throne or be killed himself as it was illegal for what he'd done. Hotwifing is when wives play outside their marriage sexually and their husbands encourage and enjoy their wives extracurricular activity either with them or vicariously afterwards.

xxxxgirl..monogamy is actually the act of being married to only one person. irregardless of whether one has sex with others, as long as you're married to only one person, you're monogamous. The parameters of your marriage is entirely up to the two of you to determine.

I love to see married women accept a drink from me <br />
msg me hot wife will happy with me <br />

I am a confirmed candaulist!!! After sharing my wife with a couple buddies over a period of time, it was easy to set up a surprise 'party' with 5 of them plus me. She loved every inch too and everywhere. Boy did she *** that nite.

I am into Candaulism and more, but I live in an Arab country! I don't know what to do!

Wow it's not even 3 hours into the new day and I've already learned something new AND it applies to me! LOL<br />
Thank you for the information. So I assume then that candaulist and it's meaning is one who practices candaulism. And as such I am accurately described by the word and look forward to having fun seeing people's reactions when I answer the question, what am I into, saying, "I love candaulism more then any other activity". LOL<br />
Thanks for my word of the day!

I, too, find this to be a powerful turn-on. The very first time I suggested it to a girlfriend, she said yes and we went to a swinger party figuring it was the easiest way to find men for her to be with without a lot of games.<br />
<br />
When we got there, the host took her off to a bedroom where they had sex for over an hour. I watched from the doorway and it was very hot watching her legs in the air with a strange man between them and hearing her moans.<br />
<br />
After he came, she and I went to a different room where we talked about what happened and I had sex with her that was very exciting. When we had finished, she went bck to the first bedroom to get her clothes and while there, she engaged in a quickie with another guy. I walked in just as he was ******* inside her. It was a fantastic experice for both of us.

my husband has this fetish also.. having difficulty with the idea of having sex in front of him with other men, seeing i m really into monogamy. to me , i d feel like i m cheating on him..... and i can t quite wrap my mind around the fact that this would not hurt him!!!

ok, i think cicleof is rigth, some times the ending is no so happy, me and my wife fantzied whits this all the time when had intercourse, until some day we dicede to make our fantasy come truth,my wife is currently 22 and im 27,This is the story........... she likes to work in fast food restaurants, like wendy's, church's chicken',mc donalds etc., so at the time when we decide to make it real she was working at wendy's, she told me one day that theres was a guy flictirng with her , and my wife is a kind of kid but with the body of a 22 beutiful girl, so we though that this could be the guy for our great plan, i authorize her to wear very..very but very tight pants, so tights that you could se her pretty but well marked you can even see how the pant lost in her butt and the camel toe too, so one day i encourage her not to wear underwear only the tights pants so she can start teasing this guy, and it really make an effect ,the guy start to talking more to her, smileing and you know all that stuff, and in this restaurant the use to bring the birthdays person to the wash(where they wash the dishes)so she start playing with this guy and he brings her to the wash only by him self, she told me that he touch her all, butt, boobs,cameltoe everything, and he was so hard that he couldnt walk....she tease him for obout 2 weeks, when he was back to her she picked up what ever she sees in the floor so he can se her beautiful butt, and she use to simulate a pain in her feets and legs so he can rub her, and the bad thing heres is that 1 day she ask me for permmision to go to a party , i didnt see any danger or reasen not to let her go, so she left and it was about 11 pm when i start calling her and she answered but she sound strange, so i went to the party, and i couldnt find her till 2 am, she told me that she was with her friends (females)and the car didnt work anymore and they had to walk a mile, ok i said i trust her, so we continue with the plan, 2 day later she had to work AT nite with him, the wendy's closes obout 2 am, so she call me ,and i felt it was the time for the great day,so i told her and she said that we better forget of that, i come if you was agree and very excited?... i told her, yes i know but i dont even want to think obout..she that makes me feel more hard, the fact that she will be doing it whit out her permmsion,so i told her you will do it no matter what cuz i want to,she hang up on me and sent me a mmsg saying...."i ll be at home in ten mins and im not alone" i got it and start finding a place to hide to see the show, once at home they start talking obout how he like's, he said that whatching a girl in a Nurse desguise makes him hard, so she took a shower and dress up like a nurse ,i was whtching every thing from the outside, they start to hug,touch, rub, but no kissing thats a rule,so he took her clothes off, and **** her with her thong on, he was ******* her hard, at the beginning she doesnt look like she were enjoying but as more hard he ****** her she start to yell and talk..i was naked watching from the out side and ******* off, i was great i felt hard.....hard.............hard, they ****** like for 50 mins, and onced they finished she went to take a shower because i was next , we **** all nite we was as hot as the fire....i t was a great nite full of fun, but.......heres the other part of the bad day as usually we were having intercourse and we remembered the situation, cuz its like a power injection, but as a candaulist i told her that i would be more excited if she did it with out my permmision and my knowledge and planing, and told me......REALLY , IF I TELL YOU SOMETHIN YOU PROMISS THAT YOU WONT GET MAD WITH ME AND DIVORCE ME?......i was horny as ever, and she said ........REMEMBER WHEN YOU LET ME GO TO THE PARTY?? i said yes..WELL XXX WAS THERE..and then?.....WHEN YOU GO UPSTAIRS AND NOCK THE BATHROOMS DOOR WE WAS ******* INSIDE......dammmm i *** like a ton of *****...and then she said.....THAT Y I DIDNT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN CUZ I CHEATED ON that moment i felt excited, sad, disappointed,depressed, horny i dont know the fact that she was ******* in the bathroom while i was out side feels great , but the fact tha she lied to me even when i let her **** with someone else, make me fell horrible at the point that we figth and i asked her for the divorce, but we didnt know that she was pregnant, and she swer that she use protection and the dates does not match when she had sex with this guy so the chance that the kid is mine is of 100% i think, as of today 11/15/8 i have think the things and she cried for me for about 1 week asking me to forgive her,..............................and you know what i feel sad but i feel happy cuz i will have a baby and she makes me feel so much pleasure as never and no one in my life, every time i think about it i get so hard that i have to jerk of, and the best thing is that is ral no planning or act, she did it cuz she wanted to and i like that, and i lover her cuz is my ***** wife, and now i have so much power on her that she can do everything for me, all i have to do is ask andi get itl.........once she have the baby im planning to do something kinkikinki,she had a boyfriend who loves her alot ,before she marry me, and she confess me that they never had sex, so my next plan is, to arrange a date @ home,with this guy and she will be blind and bondge to the bed, and i will contact this guy trough a friend of her saying that she wants to see him, but she dont want to call him cuz her husband(me) could dixcover her , isnt it sounds great!!!!!!!!! just imagine her face when she noticed who's fucing her , that will be her birth day gift I LOVER HER :), so let me know what you think , hers my email incase you want more info or want me to be your candaulist friend

I would love to see my wife taking two dicks at the same time, but I don't think its even near the possibility for me. Does someone have any tips on how to convince your wife on doing this.<br />

I do enjoy a good RL story, however, I am concerned with having my partner do something without their consent. The stories here have good endings, but I am sure there are many not posted with sour or hurfull endings.<br />
A shared fantasy is that, shared by both. Being in the position to broach a kinky thought to your partner is a little hard sometimes, but the possibilities of joy if a shared fantasy is found are well worth the risk. "Convincing" is not what turns me on, what turns me on is the shared joy. Although I must admit that at some part of my life all I wanted was to get my way, reagrdless.<br />
I count myself lucky, I have enjoyed and hope to enjoy for a long time to come, the stories are appreciated.

Great fantasy for us, just we practice with toys.

Hi Guysogood,<br />
I'd definitely be comfortable in talking about our experiences. Did you have questions or just want more specifics about our encounter(s)? ;-)

Yeah, Guysogood, that is actually how I initiated our first MFM encounter. I had introduced the fantasy of my wife being with a good friend of mine who she thought was good looking. The fantasy really turned her on, but she was afraid to actually act on it. So one night arranged for my friend to come over and I had him wait outside without my wife knowing he was there. I got her a little drunk and acted like it was just a regular evening of fun. Then I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed and began pleasuing her. After a bit I told her I'd be right back and went and let my friend in and when I came back in the room he came in with me and resumed my position between her legs - with my wife thinking it was me licking her. Eventually, I leaned over and kissed her and whispered that we had some company. She was really stunned but, you guessed it, she was so hot by that time that it was all good and all fun. She was really glad that I had made it happen in a way that was easy for her. And I've got to tell you, it still turns me on to talk about it!

Nice, who knows, she might like it. I think sometimes women are just afraid to admit that something that wild is exciting to them because their whole lives they've been taught that it makes them a **** if they do. <br />
<br />
I have fantasized with my wife about doing something similar to tying her up and bringing other guys in without asking her and, at least in theory, the idea really turns her on. But, she says she would actually want to do it.