Sexual Highlight Reel!

One of the greatest sexual highlights of my life happened at a pool party last summer.  My lovely wife was all on! :)  She ended up in a room with each breast being sucked and a guy finger ******* her.  Eventually, I got to eat her ***** to her satisfaction, but watching her be played with and later watching her hand stroke a guy's **** are images that I cherish and thrill to!  She tells me that soon, she will get on her knees and really give me the thrill of a lifetime! :)

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

You may have liked the last pool party we went to better! One lady was getting it from 2 men in the middle of the deep end and all around the edges people were enjoying oral sex. It was a very wild night!

That pool party sounds like one I'd liked to have been at!

Thanks - that's exactly how I feel when she decides to play!

Lucky man!1