It Started As A Hand Job

My wife loves to flirt and talk sexy to other guys. She'll tease them and get them all horny if they enjoy that sort of thing. I've seen her do this many times and I love to watch and listen. Some times things go to far and she and the guy both end up horny. Then things can really get interesting.

One night we were in the bar shooting pool and she was flirting with the stranger who was also playing the game. Soon they were discussing sex and the guy told her that he hadn't had any for a long time. She teased him about it and then teased him about ************ for release. He teased back and suggested she help him with that. My wife then suggested we go to our home where we could all watch some ****, enjoy more drinks, and maybe satisfy his urges. He jumped at the chance.

When we arrived, my wife went to freshen up and change into something more comfortable. He asked me if she might actually help him out with a hand job. I told him she loved to do that. She came out of the bed room in a baby doll nighty that left nothing to the imagination. I sat in my recliner and turned on the TV with a great DVD of girls giving guys hand jobs. Bob and my wife sat together on the couch. HIs hard **** was soon visible through his jeans and my wife layed her hand in his lap and started tickling and rubbing him through his jeans. Bob was staring at my wife's **** and down at her shaved ***** through the see through panties she wore.

My wife then opened his pants and pulled them down with his help. We were both surprised at the size of Bob's ****. It was large to say the least. My wife opened a bottle of lube and coated her hand with it before reaching for his **** and starting to stroke it. I watched them both and the DVD at the same time, getting horny and turned on myself. My wife stroked his **** while he moaned and humped her hand. With her other hand she started rubbing her ***** through her panties. Bob asked if she needed help with that and she told him yes. He surprised us both by reaching inside her panties and starting right off to finger **** her. Soon she was moaning and I had to pull down my pants to play with my own **** while watching them.

My wife got really hot and horny and finally said she needed a good hard ****. Bob winked at me and told me to come over to give my wife what she needed. I laughed and told him maybe he should **** her himself. He was really surprised and asked my wife if he really could. She answered by taking off her panties and straddling him with her knees and lowering her ***** down over his big ****. It took only a couple stroked and his huge ***** was buried inside my wife's wet *****. I saw how shiny and wet his **** was as she rode up and down on it.

I grabbed the lube and jacked myself off while watching my wife **** this compete stranger. After a while he told her he needed to *** and that it was going to be huge because he hadn't shot a load for weeks. That got her going and she started to *** herself as he pumped his hot load inside her. She looked over and told me how he was filling her up with sticky *****. I was right on the edge myself when Bob suggested I come over and blow my load inside my wife with his *** juice.

I went over and they slid forward on the couch so my wife could lean forward enough to allow me to slip my **** inside her ***** along side Bob's ****. She moaned loud when I got inside and I couldn't hold back, I came as soon as I was all the way inside her. She had another ******, moaning about having two ***** inside her ***** at once. That was a first for all of us.

We all rested a while and then my adventurous wife asked us if we would mind using our tongues to clean her up. Bob said hell yeah and I laughed. I've eaten out my wife when her ***** is full of *** many times, so I said hell yeah too. She rolled to the side and sat on the edge of the couch with her legs spread wide. Her ***** was slick and open and oozing *****. Bob and I got on our knees between her legs and took turns licking and sucking on her sloppy *****.

Bob spent the night and ****** my wife three more times before morning. I took my turns too giving her **** in her mouth and *****. At one point she had both our ***** in our mouth. It was a great night and I enjoyed watching her having hot fun with Bob.
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wow shes a keeper

so when are we going to hook up for shooting some pool?