Wife Secretly Masturbates...?

I have often wondered about my wifes ************ habits.. she is very embarrassed about it, rarely admits it and that is OK. Would love to hear about it though. I know she does **********, have found our toys used on a few occasions.

The things is, I have began to wonder if she does ********** secretly in public, of all unexpected theories...

I have at a couple occasions noticed her crossing her legs, often with her hand in between her thigh, as if she is cold, concentration drifting (I address her, she goes.. "hmm..?"), eyes glassy. Funny thing, at most of these occasions it has been hotter than usual... I believe I can see her leg muscles contract, but all these signs of arousal is very subtle. And at these occasions we have watched a movie, not ****, but maybe some hot scenes..

I know she has a turn-on for sex "in public" (hidden, but at a public place), this contrary that she is actually quite shy...

I have found some sites where many women confirm this is possible, have anyone here experienced anything similar..?

I think it is a beautiful thing, but I would probably "destroy" the whole thing if I confront her...
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I agree with you… It is her secret….

Yes that's such a turn on, to know your wife likes to ********** with toys! Mine does too,

I'd love to watch my wife **********, but she won't, too prudish.

My wife gets so hot, wet, and horny when we're out on our boat at the lake. We park up in a cove area and she immediately starts pulling off her clothes so she can masturbates, all the while hoping someone with binoculars on another boat or on shore is watching and can see her. After she warms up her ****, she then wants to stand up, bend over a seat and have me **** her right out in the open. This is a big turn on for me. Love when she's naked on our boat!

We don't always know what is going on in our wive's sexy minds! It is very exciting to think they are getting off in private and especially in public. I have been treated to a few experiences where my wife has shared her pleasure with others! Very exciting! Thanks for shariing a very sexy story of your hot experience! Dc

I love watching her **********, such a turn on to see the ecstacy as she comes.

Yes it's possible ! I've seen a young girl in a train, during the night - she thought everyone was sleeping. Being aware of this practice I had seen the first signs, and then carefully made as if I too was sleeping, keeping my eyes *nearly* closed.<br />
If you observe women in everyday life, you'll see that this kind of movements is rather frequent, though it usually remains discrete and is just a way to get a litlle pleasure, not more.<br />
However a small percentage of girls seem happy to tease people around them, I mean they apparently like to be observed. It's a hot game : you watch while pretending you don't, she acts like nobody is watching, but she has noticed you do... very hot for both sides !!<br />
When seeing such movements, don't hesitate to have a glance 2 or 3 times, and sometimes you will realize that she doesn't stop though she has got you watching... that's the beginning of the game - good luck !!<br />
BTW, why not trying this with your wife ? If she suddendly stops, don't insist, but she perhaps won't, who knows...

BTW, there is a nice site at www.syntribate.com<br />
There are stories, and beautiful photos, even some videos - which aren't quite convincing, though.<br />
A real syntribation video hasn't been recorded yet, IMHO.<br />
Ther's also a forum, unfortunately it doesn't seem to remain active since a few months.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately many persons (men) seem to prefer spectacular activity, while what makes syntribation so attractive to me is that it tries to remain unnoticed - then you have to watch small movements, not staring at the girl who might stop otherwise, etc. Great fun !!

Hi dear friend,<br />
<br />
I've posted a few comments (and a little story) in the group "I syntribate" - which seems to be the "scientific" name for this thigh squeezing activity ;-)

Thanks for the comments,<br />
<br />
ansans, something you can tell more about, your experience with this ? ;)<br />
<br />
My wife is shy, but the funny thing is she is a very erotic person when she loosens up, and during a game we played she admitted curiosity and will regarding trying various new erotic things.. This included previously turned down issues, like making a sex tape and more (Takings nude pics of her has proven difficult, she has not been into it at all).<br />
<br />
Experience show she is actually willing to a lot, I just have to find the right code or key to open the treasure chest... So it is up to me to be a better lockpicker..!! Time consuming, but rewarding hehe...<br />
But she would never admit such as this, I think..

Yes, It's possible for some women, but very few adult ones are brave enough to "end the story" in public !<br />
They seem to believe that no one can notice the game, but... for those who like to watch, it doesn't remain unoticed !<br />
Of course I support your view that we have to remain cool and discrete when watching, to avoid stopping the game.<br />
(though there are a few women who seem to like very much being watched !!)

Women thigh squeezing is a great turn, I always try to watch in everyday's life

My wife told me she does not **********, that she doesn't need to. But then as the years have passed by.. I've caught her a few times. I agree with your feelings of not confronting her, as that might just, "destroy", the vibe. Though my wife has been caught by me she still seemed to evade the subject. I didn't push... just planted seeds. <br />
<br />
She recently, (after some years), during a very intimate moment, "sheepishly", "full of embarrassment", admitted she has mastrubated to the thought of my mouth on her nipples while another man's mouth was on her *****. It was a stunning revelation...well worth the wait. <br />
<br />
I also leraned that she was aware of a moment at our home, when a friend of ours leaned forward for a, "look down her top". She was wearing a loose low cut top looking for a pan in the bottom cupboard. He stood next to her and peered down. She knew that her nipples were being viewed, that he was clearly seeing her ****. I learned she was pretending to be innocently unaware. WOW!!<br />
<br />
Never thought I'd hear these things.. ever. Your wife may indeed be shy.. yet secretly in just the right mood be more daring than you ever imagined. Closet exhibitionist (that's my wife), perhaps yours as well. <br />
<br />
Do hope you will post a couple pics of her, and that we can become friends. Would love you to see the few pics I have. Posting pics is a sure way of adding friends. It really is erotic to hear others comment. Let me know if you post. Thanks.

Though I've not seen her do this particular method in public, I have watched my wife ********** to ****** on a couple of occasions simply by squeezing her thighs, without using her hands at all. So, I'd say that it's entirely possible your wife is ************ when you catch these "subtle signs of arousal".<br />
<br />
One thing though, at least for my wife, is that achieving ****** with just the squeezing of her thighs takes a while. Sometimes she will put a pillow, blanket, or something similar between her thighs when she wants to ********** this way, which will help her come a lot faster. Maybe this is why your wife has her hands between her thighs when you catch this happening.<br />
<br />
I agree with you 1000%, this is a beautiful thing, and I wouldn't risk confronting her and ruining what you have going. She's being sneaky about it (which is sexy in and of itself), so for now it seems she wants to keep it to herself. But hey, if I caught my wife (or anyone's wife, for that matter!) ************ secretly in public, I'd do whatever I could to make sure it kept happening!<br />
<br />