My Wife's Self Pleasure, And Mine

Ever since the first day my wife and I met, she has been perfecting and reperfecting the art of pleasing herself in every sexual manner possible. It is quite a turn on for me to watch her start at level 1, playing with her 34C ***'s. Cupping both breast and sqeezeing thur her top, she reaches down and pulls her top over her head revealing the hot white lace bra in contrast to the dark tan smooth skin of her upper torso. Looking at her covered breast she lowers her bra straps down to expose the nipples of her beautiful twins.At this point, my horny wife teases the tips of her nipples lightly tracing around them , across the top, then taking two fingers and rolling then pinching the quickly harding tender part of a womans upper flesh. As a slow moan comes from her lips she unlatches the front of her bra releaseing the creamy white flesh of her breast. Cupping both breast and pulling up until her tougne reaches out to tease, suck, and bite first one then the other *** until she lays back on the bed pinching those nipples and moaning louder each time. She then looks at me and says I should pull my **** out and let her see how hard I can make it. It is a turn on for her to see a man stroking his **** so I am more than happy to join the action. She hands me her oil to apply as I slowly began to stroke my harding ****. This action causes her to began giving her left nipple more attention as she lets her right hand drift between her legs to stroke her ***** thur her panties. A look of lust comes across her face as she starts shifting her hips, now slipping her hand inside her thong to give her now budding **** the attention she craves. Looking at me playing with my hard **** in my hand, she ask if I was making my **** feel good? Replying with a " Oh Yea" I watched as my wife slipped her finger inside her hot ***** flipping up and down teaseing her G-spot. As an Oh God moans from her lips she quickly removes her thong. (See Part 2)
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Sep 4, 2012