A Little Differant

first off i will say that just from my experiences you can see my wife and i have been into sex and all most any kind for many years. well for about the past year i have been watching my wife ********** whit out her knowing about it. its such a turn on seeing what she does when she is alone. we live in a rule area and off the highway a bit, there are many times that i will tell her i am working that night and i will leave and go park down the road in my secret spot then walk back home and just spy on her the whole night. just before i leave to go to work (she thinks) i will go around and tweak all the blinds so i can see in and spy. the blinds still look closed tight from the inside but i can see in well. i have a bucket that i can stand on if need be depending were she is in the house. she has a routine and i can almost always tell when the action is about to start. its amazing to see her empty her bag of toys on the bed, get undressed and climb in the bed and start to play. the thing is she plays hard core, she is a bigger women, about 180 lb and short at 5'4". i love seeing her large body naked and she can take a large ***** easily in each hole. the most amazing thing is sense she is large she will turn and scoot her but up close to the wall were the head board is and she puts her legs up on the wall to help hold them back.she really ***** herself to, none of this rub and touch stuff, she may start of this way but very quickly she is ******* herself hard with a very big *****. quite often she will put a regular size ***** in her *** and hold it there while she ***** her self hard with the giant *****. this is so hot to me and i hope i can continue to pull this off. the excitement of her not knowing, and the pleasure she has on her own has left many of *** stains on the brick outside the window.............

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Hey that's cool! I tried to do something similar a couple of years back. I left an erotic letter for my wife to read when I went to work one night. I knew I would be finishing work early (around 10pm), but told her it would be 3am.<br />
The letter was on the computer, and I sent her a text message to look for the letter. In the text I left instructions to go for a bath before reading the letter. I knew if she did all of that, she would be in the mood for some fun on her own.<br />
I came home early and hid in the back garden after parking the car in another street, and waited for the lights to go on in each room, so I could track her "progress"<br />
I wouldn't be able to see through the blinds like you did, but I would be able to imagine what was going on, and that would still be great!<br />
Sadly she sent me a text saying she wasn't in the mood for my "little idea", but she promised to do it another day, but she still doesn't know I was hiding n the garden.<br />
I might try opening the blinds a little when it happens next time, that's a great idea!