Confused Hubby

I love to watch my wife **********.  She has a beautiful body from head to toe...she's amazing!  However, I get confused often when we do ********** together.  Sometimes, I am watching her but I know she is not into it at all she is only doing it to please me.  I work from home and she often comes downstairs to tell me she is going to take a shower.  I grab a chair sit infront of the shower and ********** for her.  Sometimes, she just stairs at me or my hand at that is such a turn on. 

She does not mind (when she's in the mood) that I video tape her.  I have a ton of videos of her really getting in to it.  She use to do it all the time and now it's maybe one or twice a week. 

altima2005 altima2005
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

Except for watching her with another person, to watch my wife ********** is my biggest turn on. She has *********** for me a few times, but she would rather not! The same for watching me ********** in front of her. She only does it to please me at the time, and that does take away from the excitement, but I'll take whatever I can get.