A Good Show Last Night

We have been married a long time and she has touched herself a few times, but last night was great.  We started out with a couple of glasses of wine, then a shower.  The wine was really working on us as we started out kissing and fondling each other.  I then went down on her for a while, which I love, and she was really aroused.  I them put some astro-glide on her and told her to play with herself while I kissed her breasts.  She kept going faster and faster and I was kissing and sucking her nipples and the she had a mind-blowing ******.  I was about to go off myself just watching her.  After she got her breath back, she started sucking me, hard.  After I had all that I could stand of that, I got her on her back and she spread her legs and took all of me inside her.  We made love hard and fast until I exploded inside her.  There was *** and lube everywhere.  I am still getting aroused just thinking abourt watching her ****** twice, one by herself and once by me.

marchhare57 marchhare57
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Good for you, keep up the good work