She Wants Me To Watch Her Through The Window

About a year ago we would talk about someone walking by our bedroom window while we were ******* and she would tell me it was a man and he started to ******* watching us, at that moment i would blow my wad and she would too. Now she likes me to go outside at night and watch with a *****. It's hot to see her really getting into hot sex by herself of course i stroke it hard and get myself off watching her. I have considered asking a stranger to stop by when we have sex and watch us and leave a load agins't the house only to show her the next day.
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2011

Love that!

We talk about the same thing , like guys watching her ********** and them pulling there ***** and cummin on her and she gets so wet and horny , i was thinking of doing the same and telling her while we are doing it so she can see him to get her reaction ?

anytime u r ready, let me know..we live in las vegas and if u ever visit, i would luv to watch her and you do the nasty, or just her giving me a show i could never hot knowing that there is someone that don't mind showing off..i don't mind someone watching me get off looking at her getting off..tell me more about u both..if u have questions, just ask, luv to talk about our lives also..

i would really love to be outside walking by the window, look in and see my wife playing with her large *****, and having one ****** after another. It would be so great to see this. It would also be awsome if i walked by your window and saw your wife doing the same thing. It would be so hot.

Thanks, yes it's hot to se her ******* and *** with her finger and *****. Her says she gets hot knowing someone is outside watching her. I have thought about having a guy over to watch her and watch him get his nut that too would be a hot turn on.

anytime u wish for someone to do this, let me know where and when and i will do my best to get there. if u are in las vegas, i will hide in the bathroom and watch if she wants to perform for me. nothing hotter then seeing a woman ********** to hot and wet cummmmm.