My wife and I couldn't agree on her dressing sexier, so we would argue about it until one night we went to a club and after about an hour I asked her why she didn't want to dress sexy and maybe flirt with other men, because I thought it very hot to see her hot body and I thought it wouldn't hurt for her to show others how good she looked. She said if she did that she could not be held responsible for what happened. I agreed then she surprised me by saying okay she would do it. Then she left for the ladies room, upon her return I noticed she had removed her bra and unbuttoned three of the buttons on her silk blouse allowing a slight view of her pink nipples. Since the waitress wasn't around I went to get a couple more drinks, wondering how far she would let me take this new side of her or if she would want to fight when we got home, but upon my return she wasn't there so I looked around and spotted her dancing with a young man that looked like he was about 17 except I knew they checked ID's. when after a couple dances they returned, and she introduced him as Bob that he was on business, and could he sit with us. Sure then we started talking about jobs, that's when we found out he sold adult toys, M got kind of quiet then out of the clear blue sky she asked what kind of toys did women and men like the most M's nipples were very hard as he started to explain what different toys did for the woman and men. I also noticed that every once in awhile she would put her hand under the table and lean forward so we both could see down her blouse. I watched as her hand started to make slight movements, and his hand went under the table, that's when I had to go to the restroom, when I got there I went into a stall because I didn't want anyone seeing me with a hard on,plus the fact it is hard to pee when hard, after several minutes I was able to go and started back when I saw his hand inside her blouse and her hand was rubbing the front of his pants,so I went to get a round of drinks, they must have saw me because everything was back to normal, except her nipples were as hard as I had ever seen. They said they were going for a smoke so they left and after a couple minutes I followed ,but couldn't find them.I went back in and waited for 15 or 20 minutes which seamed like hours, be for they returned.He excused himself to go to the restroom and while he was gone I asked what took so long, she said that he showed her some of the toys that he sold, I then asked if he gave her a demonstration, she said no that she wanted me to see them also. It was now about 11:30 and I said we should go, but M said she wanted to have him come home so he cold show us what products he sold, I said okay he could follow us, but M said she should ride with him so he didn't get lost.when we arrived home he brought in a large suitcase I sat in a chair and they sat on the couch,then I got all of us a drink be for he started his presentation. First he started with the *****'s then butt plug's, when he showed the ben-wa balls, and explained what they did M asked if she could try them be for she bought them, he said sure so she went into the bathroom and came out a few seconds later, asked her to get another beer for me and when she came back her face was flushed. Bob asked if it felt good and all she said was wow, he then pulled out a venus butterfly and said go try this on and he handed me a remote. when she came back and sat down Bob said to turn it on low witch I did and I could see her start to move her hips very slowly,and she started to moan, I turned it up a little and her hips wouldn't stay still. That when she pulled her skirt up and her naked body was on display for Bob and I to see, then her back arched so much that the remaining buttons of her blouse popped open allowing her **** free, we both could see that she was having a big ******,my **** was hard and I could see Bob had a raging hard on also,M said get those ***** out and give them to me,I was the first to move and I winked at Bob, That when I saw he had about 2" longer and was fatter then me.M stood and tore off her clothes and said I want both of those ***** now. She grabbed my **** and started to suck it and Bob got behind her and told her to shove the balls out that he would replace it, the balls fell on the floor and without any flair he shoved his **** all the way in making her *** again, and I couldn't last as I filled her mouth full of ***. Sorry people I will continue later
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Great story of a very hot wife. Must have been incredible to see her being so sexy for another man at the club, then having even more fun at home.

Gotta love the fun they had.. sure wish he'd finish these with follow ups... HAD to be HOT!