Our Vacation

One day while on vacation at the beach my wife and I were lounging by the pool drinking beer and taking in the rays.

After a few hours my wife went to sit on the pool stairs to cool off while I stayed behind to lounge around in the sun. She sat there alone sipping her beer for a few minutes when this muscular, tan guy walks up and takes a seat right beside her. They talk and laugh for a while and other than thinking she looked hot sitting there next to him, I didn't think much else of it. She always gets male attention and she loves to flirt so the two of them sitting there talking was nothing unusual.

Then she gets up and starts heading toward me grinning from ear to ear. When she gets to me I ask what she's grinning at and she says that she's getting herself another beer and one for her friend. Again I asked her why she was grinning so. She said "that guy said I'm hot and wants to take me out tonight". I asked if he knew she was married and she said that he said as long as your husband is OK with it, it was fine with him. I told her to go for it, but I'd have to be around since we were in a strange place and didn't know him from Adam.

She went back to talk to him and after a few minutes she motioned for me to come over. I walked over and we introduced ourselves. He was very nice and polite and basically just came right out and said that he wanted to see my wife that night, that I was welcome to come along and did I mind. I told him I didn't mind at all so we set up the date. My wife and I said our goodbyes, grabbed our belongings and headed up to our room to get some rest before going out.

We started getting ready for our night out around 6 and I must say that the hour we spent getting her ready was almost as much fun as the night itself. I mean she showered, she shaved herself smooth, I rubbed coco butter lotion over every inch of her body, she walked around the room completely nude putting on makeup, picking out what to wear, etc. It was exciting.

She decided to wear a red sleeveless blouse that she left unbuttoned well below her cleavage. a red lace bra, a short white skirt, a red thong, and red high heel pumps. She looked smokin hot.

Her friend called about 7 and gave us directions. We knocked on the door and when he answered his jaw nearly hit the floor seeing my wife. He told her he thought she was hot when he saw her at the pool, but he had no idea how hot she really was.

He invited us in and served up drinks. I had a 7n7, he had beer, and my wife had white wine. We sat in his den drinking, talking, listening to music, and snacking on appetizers. I sat in a chair and my wife sat beside her friend on his couch. Occasionally he would rub her legs and comment again on how good she looked. Then suddenly out of nowhere he got up, moved in front of my wife, went to his knees, pushed back her skirt and began exploring her with his mouth.

We were both shocked as this sorta happened very suddenly and all we could do is just look at each other. She sorta gave me one of those looks like "what do I do", so I assured her everything was fine and for her to enjoy herself. She leaned her head back and began just letting herself go and enjoyed each move he made on her.

He must have been good because she began moaning and licking her lips. At one point he stopped to get up and remove his clothes and she said out loud "please don't stop".

Anyway the whole night progressed very nicely. She told him he could do anything but **** her and he was OK with that. He took off her blouse and bra. He got some baby oil from his bedroom, rubbed himself down and ***** ****** her. He removed her skirt and thong and ate her some more. He rubbed her down with baby oil and gave her a full body massage. He told her he wanted her to blow me while he ate her so we did that. She was all oiled up, on her hands and knees, sweaty, having her ***** eaten from behind, and moaning while looking at me.

At one point we were all three on his couch, the two of them covered in oil and sweaty, her on her back while he knelt by her face. She was stroking his **** while I ate her. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever scene. She had already *** four times and was on her way to her fifth. She kept jacking him off as they both kept yelling that they were going to ***. Finally she started bucking her hips while I ate her, screaming that she was *******. It must have been too much for him because he told her he was about to blow himself to which she screamed "please *** on my ****". He quickly shifted so he was straddling her stomach and continued to stroke himself until he blew his load all over her ****. He collapsed on top of her where they both just laid to catch their breath.

After a few minutes he got up, got a towel, cleaned her up and we all got dressed. We had another drink each and then we left. It was a very hot night.
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thanks!! been trying for years to get her to **** around. can't get her to pull the trigger. if you saw her out you would swear she ***** around. most men do. she dresses very sexy, she flirts very suggestively, and just gives off that vibe. used to **** me off but now turns me on. i just wish she'd follow through. any tips??