A Behind The Scenes Look At “and I Watched”

Yeah it was so hot! The funny thing is she did not mention it until the last week she was there. It was the summer and the wife was off from teaching and came up to spend the summer with me...I was working out of town on a 6 month project. She had to go back about a month before me to start back to school. She met him at the apartment complex pool at the first of summer and his girlfriend was there but she got a summer job and that left them time to spend together. She would take our kids down to the pool to swim everyday and they would sit around and talk. She was 25 and had some really sexy bikinis…I can understand him getting hot for her. When she told me about him I was pretty surprised…she said they have been having some pretty sexy chats. He told her all about ******* his girlfriend and they always used condoms but wanted to her to go on the pill so they could do it without the condoms. It brought back memories of when we were dating and had to use condoms. When the wife went on the pill she loved being able to get rid of the condoms….she loved the feel of bare **** and being able to feel *** shoot in her. She told me he had a big **** because he would get erections when they would talk. I asked her if she had ****** him and she said no and then I asked if she would. At first she said she would like to but did think she could because of the kids during the day, that’s when I asked her what about at night after the kids had gone to bed. She could tell him I had a meeting and he could *** by. I would hide in the closet…luckily she had already packed most of her clothes and there was some room for me to fit. I really did not think it would happen but was pleasantly surprised when she told me he was cumin over. You have read the story so you know the details. I can say…my heart felt like it would jump out of my chest. I had to be so careful not to let him hear me. I did not have the best view but could hear everything and did get to peek out while they played. It was an awesome site. He sure ****** her good and I got to enjoy the rest of the night with her. Ok…you got a behind the scenes look at a shared wife…so…here it is again.

My wife was seduced by a teenager when she was 25 and I watched him **** her from a closet.   He was 18 and had a girlfriend he was ******* but he told my wife he had never ****** without using a condom and wanted to see how it felt without one. So just before we were getting ready to move to another state she invited him over to our house.  She told him I was at work...I stayed in the bedroom closet while they chatted in the living room.  He asked her to use the bathroom and she brought him into our master bath adjoining our bedroom.  He left the door open while she sat on the bed waiting for him to finish.  I could see the excitement in her eyes as she peeked into the bathroom.  His **** was around 8 inches and very hard.  When he came out he stood right in front of her with his bulge staring right in her eyes.  She did not move as he stood there just a few inches from her face.  Finally he reached over and pulled her face to his hard ****. She could feel the warmth of **** right through his pants.  She wrapped her arms around his waist. He stepped back and undid his pant and let them fall to the floor. Kicked off his shoes and pulled down his underwear.  His **** sprang free and he pulled her toward it again.  She reached out and started to stroke it as he pulled her even closer.  I was close enough to the action I could see the pre-*** start to leak from the end of his ****.  She took his **** into her mouth and began to give him a slow teasing blow job.  I could see his *** tensing up as she worked his **** and I was afraid he was going to blow in her mouth.  He backed off pulling his **** from her mouth.  He kneeled down and pulled her sandals off and reached for the button on her shorts.  Slowly he unfastened her pants and she raised her *** so he could pull them down.  As they fell to the floor she playfully kicked the aside. He then pulled her shirt up and unfastens her bra.  By then, my **** was about to explode.  He kissed her and moved to her **** and started sucking on them hard...harder than I had ever dared.  She seemed consumed by his aggressive nature.  He pulled back again and grabbed her panties and yanked the down.  He pushed her back on our bed and climbed between her legs.  By then she was grabbing his **** to help guide it in her hot *****.  He started pumping her hard and she spread wide to accept all of his ****.  She held on tight as he ****** her hard and pushed back so she could see his face.  She began to have a massive ****** as he looked at him.  He tensed up and I could tell he was blowing his *** into her *****.  She continued to shake as he pumped her full.  He rolled over and his **** popped out.  I could see the *** dripping from her *****.  She rolled off the bed and grabbed a robe off the bedpost and wrapped up.  She told him I would be home soon and he had to leave.  As he headed to the door he turned and said...you were right...it does feel much better without a condom.  After he left I came out and she dropped the robe and I lay on the bed. She straddled my face and as she lowered her ***** to my mouth.  We ****** for two hours and she had multiple climaxes and I shot her full of *** too.

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Thanks, was as hot as any story I ever read?
PS. I hid in closet too once to watch? HOT!

Great story. My wife and I have talked and we think her first time should be without me present but I like that you were right there in the closet. I love in your story how agressive this 18 year old kid was! It must have been so hot to take her while she was still warm from his ****. Very erotic!

I cant think of a better way to turn on your partner...yummm<br />
full and warmed up, ahhhhhh ....

I would love to have been in that closet. Well I would have loved to be ******* the wife as well lol. Nice story matey!

Hot ******* story, VERY HOT!

I'm glad you did...it was one of the hotest experiences of our lives...dc

It turn me on. What a hot story, I wish I could find 18 to 22 years old and I bat I will relly make him happy while my husband watch me fuked by him.

Hot Story sounds like fun...

Thanks...yea I am pretty lucky...I still get hot when i think back. DC