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Now that we are a hell of a lot older,we still remember the good times we had when younger. One night in particular sticks in mind,We had been out for a meal[kids being looked after]. Having met some company in the restaurant,we got into conversation and were invited back to their Hotel. There was music on in the Penthouse Bar and many people were dancing.Anyhow,one of the guys asked my permission to dance with my reasonably curvy wife to which i agreed. When they returned 15 minutes later,my wife said we had been invited to their suite after the dance where we could enjoy the service of a Night Porter for more booze. We readily agreed and proceeded To their room about 1 hour later. After another drink,a bit of sexy chat,it turned out they were part of a television crew and the team occupied the whole floor.Both of us having fantasised in the past about J having another man whilst i watched were about to become a reality.The guys sat on either side of her and with our o.k started to fondle her breasts,legs ,thighs etc. I couldnt help myself getting an erection and joined in. J was really enjoying the attention. Within moments we were all in bed and i ********** too quickly inside her,Soon i must have fallen asleep,while she was still having a great time. I awoke a few hours later to find the room deserted, only a note telling me they had gone to another room where more colleagues were. Imade my way to the room,rapped the door which was opened promptly only to see  my wife getting it from at least 5 different guys. 1 in each hand,1 in her *****,1 in her mouth and 1 trying to get into her ***.It was truly a night we still remember andstill get turned on when we think about it. Why o why do we have to get old?

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Age is just a number, get yourselves back out there! ;)

Hot story. Isn't exciting to recall past sexual adventures like this. I think it would have been more exciting, then and now, if you had gotten some pics or videos. Maybe the television crew got some they could share with you.

Have repeatedly requested same, would love to share them

Great adventure thanks for sharing,but your not to old to still have fun.I am older then you and am still actively chasing skirts(and catching some) Welcome to my circle

Must have been a great night.what a turn on.

So...... did you get another turn??

Ah...sweet memories! Thanks for sharing! Dc

Really hot story, too bad it doesn't happen more often

To make room for the younger ones, just the lot in life for living, but, I know what you mean.

Damn, sure put HUGE bulge in my slacks just reading it! Your wife taking on 5 men on her "maiden voyage" and getting her "swing cherry"! You wanted to see her with another man!
I woul have to assume that vision has to have been etched in your mind all these years? Surely you either got some photos or a video for her ******* out party? Lucky dog! I go crazy watching mine in DP!

We keep talking aboutdoing just that,it still turns us both on.

My friend, we have to get older. Why must we BE old? Why have you stopped?

I used to love watching my wife be the center of attention

add me pls would love to see her

You have had a rare treat that few EP readers have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing and wpild love to see a fee pics of your lady to go with the story.
Had my first watch and the a MFM next day - wife wad a later performer at age 65. I share your excitement.

Oldness seems to take away all the peaks and valleys and for me makes me painfully boring. I have been trying to get my wife to cuckold me and lock me in chastity, but nothing yet.

It sounds like you all had great fun

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how do you feel living with such a **** you have a real ***** at home with you

I think you are still able to make it happen again I mean 65 is not old just good experience ha! ha! ha!

Wow oh wow. That's just plain hot. You have a really cool wife. So when you walked into the room where she was doing 5 guys what did you do? Let's have some party details my man. Inquiring minds want to know. :o)

I had an immediate hard on but had to wait my turn,nearly didnt make it as i was ready ***.

I can't imagine. That must have been so hot to walk in on. I sure wish I could get my wife to like sex that much. Lucky guy you are.

great story, hot. It has been a dream of ours to find a group of guy's to **** my wife, it would be so hot to see her doing her best and to see how many she could handle. Your wife is a lucky girl, you letting her play. I know you got a lot of pleasure in it also.

It doesn't HAVE to stop just because you are older! I've played with several couples in their 60's, and had a VERY good time! You are as young as you feel... But I also know couples that used to play and do not any longer, mostly because the wife has decided she no longer wants to, or feels unattractive. If they would just keep an open attitude, the sexy play can continue as long as they like!

It doesn't HAVE to stop just because you are older! I've played with several couples in their 60's, and had a VERY good time! You are as young as you feel... But I also know couples that used to play and do not any longer, mostly because the wife has decided she no longer wants to, or feels unattractive. If they would just keep an open attitude, the sexy play can continue as long as they like!

we both totally agree & is why we always say to the younger generation "live your fantasies now before you are to old" my partner had a very lifeless 1st marriage in America, since we met she has lived out many of her fantasies with my help. now i cant stop her,especially with very well endowed black guys,we both love it & love sharing her.

I lost my wife to the big C but before getting sick we enjoyed over 30 years of playing around and we shared with friends and those we made friends.....

Hot stuff!<br />
Thanks for sharing!

yes geat story, why do we have to get old,<br />
but just think of the population exsplosion if our women didnt. id still be slaving away trying to support other mens babies

I need to make my babe ...umm appreciated. and full OH and she wants to be blindfolded..he he he . She can watch the vid whenever she needs to feel...Wanted and loveley...

We LOVE Grouping too! HOT, hot story.

vnasty, I like your way of thinking

Seeher, I wish I had more of our pictures. they seem to have disappeared over the years.

Your question was "Why do we have to get old?" My question is "Why did my wife hae to get old?" We enjoyed swapping and a number ********** for 20 plus years and it was all wonderful, enjoyed by all. Then her sexual appetite started diminishing. I am ready, willing and able to experience mor of the same today, but she's not. Of course our bodies and endurance have changed but it would still be wonderful to enjoy a MFM or a swap with anothe couple. She is still a very desireable woman.

We share the same experience; my wife however is unable, do to illness. We shall see after her radiation treatment, how she feels. Somehow though, I think that it may be retirement. Such is life.The years have been good to us, so now I take pleasure in sharing my stories.

What a HOT! story.I love the part where you walk in a room and find your wife nude in bed with 5 horny men all over her. When I was married ,we had a little game going where I would walk in a motel room and find my sexy wife in bed with a friend ,they would go on playing while I watched ,when he was done with her I would slide in her wet used ***** ,SO HORNY

Great post!!! Thanks for sharing!

Great story waltzer!1<br />
<br />
Sounds like it was a very exciting evening and your wife was well taken care of.<br />
<br />
I am right in your age group--62--and have been married to my wife for 42 years. We went through the sexual revolution together I guess.

Here here lol (play on words lol). We love it too, that's why we've been doing it for almost 10 years now. We had our kids early in life and for the last ten years we've been alone (and loving it). We are 49 years old and have grown kids and several grand kids. If they knew that mom and dad (grandma and grandpa) were having sex with others (and other great kinky things) they would flip lol. We're hoping that our health and state of mind last for another fourty years and we find others who are like minded the whole way there. So cheers to the oldies, keep it "up"! lol

Time seems to accelerate with age. Enjoy now, it can all end very quickly.

if this pic, with theses fine leggz are her now ?? theres no doult that you 2 will still be having yall a blast .keep it up what ever it is ur doin cumlayus

Yes those are my legs lol. The photo is only about a year old and nothing has changed there lol. Thanks for the compliments! Cheers!

Sorry I forgot to mention that it's me "the Mrs." Hubby isn't a cross dresser lol.

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Fortunately we still have our memories, and in our case, diaries, pictures and video. It might give hope to ponder accepting the belief that more lives are to follow....<br />

Hi; Guess you are misssing the excitement as much as me

I agree with you bout the gettin old stuff. I treated my wife to many encounters over the years and she loved them all. Turned me on to see her *** as I imagine does you with your wife. Could never do enuf to her myself.