Wife Jacking Other Guys

I often fantasize about watching my wife jerk another guy off. Often it is two guys one in each hand. I like to imagine her with her hands wrapped around really thick *****. Turns me on.
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I too am like you guys! My wife gives utterly amazing handjobs, the kind that make you *** so hard it nearly stops your heart. She loves to finsih me catching my hot load in her mouth and sucks down every last drop, but also gets hot when I unload on her ****. She has confessed to hot *** being a major turn on for her and aslo acknowledges big loads are best. She absolutely loves stroking my hard **** and has admitted to enjoying the feeling of "a hard throbbing ****" in her hand as a real turn on for her. <br />
I have expressed to her my desire to watch her bring a stranger to his knees with one of her earth-shattering handjobs... as I think it would be really hot to watch the dude squirm with pleasure and beg for release... as she edges him over and over, each time his **** getting harder, thicker, hornier, pulsating with desire to unload in her hand. I would like to see a massive load spiull out onto her lingerie or sexy lace bra covered **** (I have a bra fetish too). But she says she only loves me and that sex is reserved for me and only me, therefore not real keen on the idea. HOWEVER, when we roll-play this, me acting like the stranger getting his hard **** stroked, she gets so worked up and hot, its unreal and her ***** **** quickly and powerfully as I ********** her. This causes me to think that secretly she'd REALLY enjoy stroking off another man. Anybody have any experience with this and/or ideas how I can get her to act out the real deal? SO Damn HOT!!! I sure hope one day she'll make my day and act this out! (: Thanks for your input, cooments, ideas!

I guess its common. My fantasy is that she is naked, bent over a vaulting horse, with one in each hand, one in her mouth, and me behind her taking care of the rest of her from the backside. I've tried to figure out how to set that up, but my mind hasn't come up with a plausible story to try on her yet.<br />
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Absolutely...its especially great when your wife is really into it..though mine cant seem to keep em out of her mouth...it appears she gets really turned on - so she says- by suckin on em!

Me too! Especialy with one **** in each hand. It's also the kind of pics i like most. Does your wife has the same fantasy?