I don't know if anyone else was moved my the latest Naruto episode, number 372, but ever since episode 371 "Hole," I've been waiting for this episode like hell. Some pople thought it was boring, I know, but for me it ranks on my top fifty Naruto Shippuden episodes, as number 42. And coming in 42nd of 372 episodes is really good.
I'm not sure what moved me the most, but this episode filled the hole in my heart, just kidding. That's the name of the episode, "Something to Fill That Hole." At the beginning of the episode, my heart was pounding because I had been waiting for this episode since the end of 371 and at the end, I was crying because I wasn't ready for it to end. One of the reasons I know I loved it so much, is because Minato was in it. As some of you might already know, I'm a HUGE Minato fan. Also, I've been waiting for this whole Sasuke thing for a LONG time.
Now that I'm writing, er typing, this, I don't even know what was even so moving in this episode. I hope you guys liked it as well, because I certainly did. If you haven't seen it, you need to. That's need with a capital N-E-E-D. Hope it'll move you to tears, just like it did to me.
Thanks to Kishimoto for making my life happen. I love you always!

Kishi's number one stalker,
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Minato...ahh..I haven't seen the episode but I have read upto the latest manga chapter...