Dirty Daughter

I've had several opportunities to watch people having sex, usually because they were unaware anyone was watching to begin with. One of the hottest was one winter day when I walked in on my co-workers daughter. She had recently moved back home with her mom from Columbia, where she had been exiled during her high school years after she got caught having sex as a teenager. The relationship between mom and daughter was rocky at best.

Her daughter had just turned 18 and was starting college, while staying in her mom's apartment. I had too just recently met both of them, mom through work, and the daughter when she arrived back in the US. Since she didn't have a license or car, and mom worked all day, one or both of them would frequently ask me to give the daughter a ride here or there. I didn't mind dropping everything and going there to do it because I lusted after both of them, mom for her hot tight body, and the daughter both for her body and because she seemed to be a real dirty girl, who'd be fun to get with.

Well on the day in question, I got a message from the daughter asking if I could pick her up and give her a ride to a job interview around noon. She said she would be getting ready and when I got there to just come upstairs to the apartment and yell to let her know I was there and she would be right out. I left and got to the apartment when we agreed and opened the front door and yelled several times. I was a little nervous about just going inside but as no one answered I went up the steps. I said hello a few more times, but there was music playing from the back bedroom loudly and I knew right away she wasn't able to hear me. I sat for a few minutes thinking she would be out but she never showed.

I made my way back to the bedroom where the music was coming from, and realized that it was her mom's bedroom, not hers. I ducked into her room and noticed that her clothes were still laid out on the bed and she was not there. I could hear talking and noise from the mom's room so I walked down there, hoping to speed her along and make the interview on time.

I made it almost to the doorway when I realized that under the music, the sounds I was hearing were of two people having sex. I almost turned around, but I couldn't help but take a peek in the doorway. I was shocked... laying flat on her back in her mom's bed was her 18 year old daughter... between her legs was the mom's boyfriend. Having spent many nights imagining what she looked like naked i couldn't just leave at that point. I snuck across the hallway into another room where I could get an unobstructed view, without risking getting caught. I watched the two of them **** for what must have been about 20 minutes or so. She was so incredibly hot... I knew right then I was going to make it my mission to **** her as well. As he came I realized I needed to get the hell out of there, so i snuck back down the stairs and out of the apartment. I got into my car and texted her to make it look good, saying I had yelled several times and was waiting for her.

Within a few minutes I saw her mom's boyfriend exit in a hurry and drive off. She immediately texted me and said to come upstairs. I went back in and she was in her room under the covers acting like she was sleeping. I asked her to get up we had an interview to go to and she said she didn't need to go anymore. She informed me that her mom's boyfriend had offered her a job... I told her I had seen him leaving as I came in and she confessed that yes, he had been there and had given her a wad of cash...

Dirty little girl she was, as I would find out later... willing to spread her legs for anyone who would buy her something or give her cash!
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love those good girls.