I Whisper To The Night

I have said this before .. but I will say it again ... there is nothing so fascinating to me as a clear , black , velvety sky full of stars .

I will sit under the blanket of stars and just stare up at those twinkling lights in the sky , and its those times I feel the most peace and serenity .

I feel  small , but never lost ... I dream and find the tranquility that I may have missed during my day ...

It is also during these times .. in the hushed nighttime air that I have whispered the secret  yearnings of my heart

that I never dare speak of in the light  of day ... while the moon and stars pour their luminous glow on me .

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 19, 2010

What?? How can I come holding on to wings??? I need some space inside the ship!!! * Gets into the spaceship along with kitti*

haha...Kitti...secret-sharing now, ay? I'll whisper to the night sky and the stars can whisper them back to you...I know stars love you..........*whispering to the night sky: I so freakin love Kitti's avatar!*<br />
*hugs, honey*

lololololol......I meant the wing of the spacesship ...you cna fly that way no?...ahh ok into the spaceship you go ...=-D

Are we going by space ships or using your wings??Lmao!!

ahh yes I do ...*kitti puts spacesuit on runs to space ship and climbs on board * yayaya I am going to the stars ...come on MM grab on to the wing darling ....lol =-D

I know one more fact that you love travelling to stars!! *Laughs*

ohh sylph darling ..come whisper to the night al your secrets I wont tell *hugs sylph* <br />
<br />
ladonnasangel ohh that must be so beautiful to do ...ohh the city lights do spoil the effects of the starlight .. how lucky you are ..maybe you can post the wonderful pics ....thank you for commenting <br />
<br />
scribbles I love the night sky ... yes its like a different world at night *hugs * =-)

I love the night sky so much too sweetie...the world seems so far away when just looking at the stars and the moon...

I believe one of my most favorite thing is to look at the dark sky at night and look how bright the stars look and sparkling like big old diamonds...Where i live we have no street lights and in the summer i lie out in the tent with the top open' gazing out till i fall asleep' with the skies beauty.like no other here on earth.

Beautifully spoken, Kitti........may I share the night sky with you and whisper something, too? *hugs*