Online And Offline Fanbase

I have an account on I play Lingo. I used to play Whammy. I loved Whammy. I love Lingo. I love exercising my brain. It is easy to play Lingo because of the fact that I love word games.

Game Show Network is one of the tv networks I added to my personalized tv guide on my tv. I record quite a few shows that are of interest to me on GSN on my DVR.

I love to watch games that are funny in a clean manner, inspirational, educational and positive. Then I tell people about it if I think it is good.

My favorite game that no longer shows, but that I'd love to see aired again is a game called Blockbusters.

My favorite game ever from GSN that GSN shows I mean is Dog Eat Dog. I love the game Dog Eat Dog and it is hosted by one of my favorite actresses Brooke Burns so it is a two-in-one love for me.

On, I play Family Feud, and I sometimes play on another social site when Steve Harvey asks survey questions. I used to play it on a different social site being the second person to help a friend out who played since on that site, two people have to play; but I have since deleted that account.

Game Show Network is an awesome creation and I'm glad I discovered it. A friend of mine from my home church in Hawaii became a contestant on a game show - sorry folks but I won't give out any names - and I gasped and got super excited when I saw them on. I got my family to watch by telling them. My friend went on to win a million bucks. I was so excited for them. :)

GSN truly is amazing.

I also have a board game version of Password Plus. I love the Password games on Game Show Network.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 18, 2012