no matter the weather or what time of year it is, the ocean is just so peaceful. when im on vacation at the beach, i wake up every morning and go down to the beach just to sit and relax. i get to feel the breeze in my hair, and enjoy the smell of the ocean. its just overall a wonderful experience.
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my favorite vacation in the world is at the ocean/beach

No obligation, but I'm assuming you don't message in private huh?

I do...

I've lived near the ocean now for almost 10 years. I couldn't have it any other way... It's amazing how such a thing can provide such calm and tranquility within... It's an easy to ground yourself huh? X

I love the salty air. I love to smell the ocean breeze..🌊🐳

I've seen both the Pacific and the Atlantic....I'd love to see something more exotic though.
What oceans have you seen?

I live far from any ocean, but I have been to Jamaica a couple times. I felt so different there, being right on the beach of the Caribbean Sea. I loved waking before sunrise, watching from the beach as it became light, and walking the sand before the grounds crews showed up to rake the beach. I loved it, the sounds, the sight, the smell. I hope to go back someday, but if not, I will remember it forever.

I feel the same way. There's a beach right outside my window and I yet I rarely ever go down to the shore. I wish I went there more.

I agree with you 100%.

That is an awesome feeling I used to be able to sit on the back of my truck put my feet on the guardrail and watch the ocean for hours

I'm surprised that your chest doesn't block your view.

do you ever go to any nude or topless beaches


I'm so fortunate to have the beach less than 20 minutes away and like you I love it there early and even late after the crowds are gone

Im at the beach at Tahunanui. Wheres ur beach?

im not referring to just one beach. the closest beach to me is 2 hours away and i dont even like that one. i go to many different ones

the ocean is very relaxing

Yeah, there is nothing quite like being by the sea on a warm day.