Dancing In The Street

One day as I was walking downtown, I saw a man dancing on the sidewalk. He was jumping up and down and running in circles and hollering something I couldn't understand. There was quite a crowd gathering around him so I thought maybe this was some kind of performance art. He was a street performer and this was some kind of dance or play he was putting on. So I joined the crowd. He continued to jump up and down and holler and run around in a circle. But now, I could see what he was running circles around. It was a coffee cup. He had put it down on the side walk while he looked for his cigarettes and lighter in his pockets (from what I could gather from the on lookers) and a pigeon had pooped in his coffee. All that screaming and dancing and what he was shouting was

"Come back here you f****** bird. Come back here so I can kill you. Look at what that bird did to my coffee. I am gonna kill that M****F****bird".

Oh my goodness, he was so angry. People gradually began to drift away and I quietly went to him and gave him two bucks to go and get another coffee. I wonder if he got a lid for the next one.
Serenitree Serenitree
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

So kind of you to help that man. He was clearly not having a good day.

Unfortunately, he has very few good days. He is a schizophrenic who became one of the many street people when the gov't shut down the long term psychiatric hospital in our city.

I loved this story, and yea couldn't help but chuckle.

I know. Everyone did, including me. He was funny, but he is also very damaged. I see him sitting on the side walk banging on his thighs with his fists, grumbling and growling all year round. I think he sleeps at a shelter, but they are not allowed to stay in during the day.

now that is sad. Wish I could help folks, use to bring em home with me but after the last one and all the events with him never again, actually had nightmare about that one last night.

Oh no! Direct hit. I laughed. Sorry. I didn't mean to but I can imagine the scenario. I know how frustrating it is for him..not easy to buy a cup of coffee these days..long queues:)

Yeah. I'd seen him around. He is one of the many homeless who ask for spare change downtown. I gave him the money, he took it and headed right into the coffee shop for another. No thank you or anything. I guess he was just too upset.