Its the Only Thing I Like About This Place

i can see the sky like never before i mean yeah i lived here when i was younger but you cant appreciate something so amazing when you care about nothing but barbies right I'm more of a city girl i love the buildings and all the people but you cant see the sky i never knew what i was missing till i came back here to visit its the best sight ever to look up and see nothing but sky and gorgeous stars the air is cleaner the sky is clearer the stars more bright i never wanna look down =] it is just as gorgeous here as watching the stars and moon on the ocean man if i could go back to the beach and see the moon and stars id like to appreciate it more someday ill get back there and take wonderful pictures for all of you on here so you can see it too =]

justjessica justjessica
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

It's awesome what nature holds for us. It's easy to over look something so simple; given we might take it for advantage. I use to live in the "country side" and then I moved out to the city...Big change! Lights everywhere! I really do miss seeing the night sky though! It's so big and it's so beautiful!