I Want To Share This Mornings Sunrise......

I have to explain that this is not because it is anymore spectacular than any prior to today, or to any yet to come, but because its happening at this very moment and that's seems to be the best way to capture the moment without taking a photograph or making a painting.

I have a wonderful view from this window and as I work away keeping myself busy I spot the first signs that the day is truly about to start. The birds have been awake and singing their songs for a few hours already and as I draw back the curtains to take a peek I notice a robin (the first one I have seen with a red breast so far this winter) hoping about the ground under the old, old apple tree.

Even in that small moment of time the sky has gone from murky grey/black to a deep purple, flecked with red and amber clouds. as the cat brushes my leg and I look down and back up again, I notice the round of the red glow above the emerging sun. I am not going to see intense colour today as the sun on our horizon is very low this time of year and the oaks at the bottom of the field by the stream obstruct the view.

The planes have left vapour trails across the brightening morning sky which have become flashes of crimson cutting through the now soft grey/blue and the horizon line has taken on dirty orange/pink shade topped with a yellow/white mix that you only see on frosty mornings.

The vapour trails are brilliant white now and another plane slices the morning sky in half as it passes overhead........I wonder how the sunrise looked for the passengers high in the sky.

Its going to be a clear but cold day tinged with the yellowness of a winter sky and although it wasn't the most dramatic of sunrises it was wonderful to observe.

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1 Response Dec 10, 2011

suggestion: take these words and do more of them, scribble it down - and make a book about your musings because this is poetry and good writing...I mean it, this is golden stuff...