Tarifa Sunrise

Watching the sunrise is something truly amazing, it's like being lucky to witness a natural miracle, like watching one of the many bounties of God- something that many people take for granted. But if you're lucky enough to experience this blessing, you can't help but grin to yourself, because now you can truly appreciate the best things in life, while some others are going so fast, too fast to be healthy.

But one day, I want to see the swift sunrise in the Spanish port city of Tarifa. It's the most southern city in Spain, and the autonomous region of Andalusia. Just look across the horizon and you can see the Tangiers in Morocco. Watch the beautiful sunrise illuminate and shower its yellow rays of delight and hope, starting from the East and gradually making it to the West, like caramel icing on a biscuit or bar.
Hear the birds chirp, as you get an amazing and uplifting feeling inside you. You can take on your challenges and conquer them, one day and step at a time. It takes your breath away.

Thank you for reading, people!
Do you have a sunrise that you love?

Moon Guardian. ;)
MoonGuardian MoonGuardian
22-25, M
Dec 12, 2012