Rainy Day Sunset

It has been trying to rain all day. I call it angel spit. LOL. A dribble here and there, but nothing happens. Then I go into the store after work and the heavens open wide.....I can hear it from inside. I finish my shopping in time for it to stop raining and then go outside.

I saw in front of me the most beautiful scene. The sky was full of grey  clouds mixed with hazy, snow white clouds. There was a yellow hue and flowing from one fuzzy cloud into the grey haze of clouds was a rainbow. I walk across the parking lot to my car and turn to see behind the store the bluest sky I've ever seen and just beyond that was the pinkish, red hue of a sunset in the distance......I was totally speechless.

theredlady theredlady
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2 Responses Oct 1, 2009

And I couldn't find a good picture that even resembled it in the slightest to use as the avatar for this group.

Sounds so beautiful, I love sunset after rain too, everything is somehow entangled together, like a water color paiting