i fell in love with it

the last time i experienced this was just two days ago.


my friends and i had drinking sessions in my friends house, which is just a walking distance near the beach. after drinking the bottles, which made us a little tipsy, we walked to the beach. and there we watched the sunset.  i was amazed how slow the sun sinks on the sky down to the sea. and how fast it goes because it was so unnoticable. the scene was damn beautiful. with the clouds changing colors, from blue to red to orange to yellow. and the seagulls playing on the skies, i find it unresistable. and with the sun like a big ball of fire slowly falling down on the water, as if the waters would evaporate if the sun would totally sink down, i have to admit i fell inlove with the sunset.


as we sat on the sand, a bit drunk, we exchanged stories and had lots of laughs. i love the feeling of being away with the world. nothing to think about, no books and problems. just with them, laughing our butts off during those drunk moments. and with a beautiful scene in front, it was the perfect minutes of the day. then, the sun totally sunk and vanished. i really  thought the sea would totally dry off. they said that we should wait for the sun to come out again. LOL


it was a very memorable and sentimental moment for us. i wished that moment wouldnt end.

mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
Mar 10, 2010