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I  Love this program How Clean is your House they did a  an American version but i did not see it. what  amazes me is where do they get all these people, who have homes that look like that...

It's a good program for tips if you happen to run out off brand name cleaning products, and looking for something else you could use to clean surfaces or just make the place smell nice....

they have use salt, lemons, toothpaste scented oils and bicarbonate soda....      goats milk etc....

its something your Granny might have in her book of remedies in case of emergencies....













                    For more information and Tips go to this website.


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4 Responses Jul 27, 2009

I've just watched the program, they use citronella oil to keep spiders at bay, I think I'll get some for the bathroom. :-)

I've recorded the programs from TV to use as a reference.<br />
I found the one that mentioned the chem that keeps spiders at bay very interesting, as the spiders taste by they feet.

I've tried a few of their remedies, and believe it or not they do acually work, lol :-)

I know what you mean I love them shows they are the bomb!!!