Wife Using Vibrator In Car

i always encouraged my wife to dress sexy and revealing. sometimes on long drives i'd start fondling her and talk her into giving herself some *******. once she got into it she didn't seem to mind or care if anyone saw. on several occasions we found ourselves with a big rig riding next to us, sometimes honking the horn and waving. one late afternoon we were returning from reno and she had her dress up and panties off and using a vibrator to get off. a rig started pacing us and honking. after allowing him a good long look i accelerated away. he wanted more and caught up again. he began waving us over and honking and flashing. obviously he wanted more than to just look. we had considered a ********* and swinging but never got beyond first base. we considered pulling off and meeting the trucker. but we were on a very deserted stretch of freeway and felt that if something went wrong we'd be in trouble. we played it safe and reluctantly pulled away. we discussed it later and agreed that had it happened at a better location we would have stopped.
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2012

you are really something but thats ok as long that both of you enjoy and find it acceptable then its ok

She's a hot wife for sure!!! Great story and you'll have to tell us if you ever followed up!