Red Panties!!

My wife liked to put on a pair of red panties and a coat, and we would leave our place and get in the car. We lived in the L.A. area and would drive north on the 5. Once we got in the car her coat came off and all she had on was her little red panties. We would drive north on the 5 by the trucks and she would play with her **** for the truckers, and I passed them real slow so they would get a good show. Then when we got to where the 14 truck route went we would go that way and be in between the trucks and she would then unzip my pants and pull my **** out and give me one hell of a blow job. We received a lot of horn blasts and flashing head lights!!
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I drove trucks for a while.I think we used to have a hub in Ontario,Ca.I used to enjoy watching women with miniskirts or giving blow jobs or flashing truckers. From the truck,I could enjoy a good view of cleavages:)

I live in Ontario. Where was this hub