She Loves To Make Me ***

Shes been teasing me for a while now. Shes only wearing a short skirt, and a little short t-shirt, with no bra on underneath. Shes sat on the chair opposite me, crossing and uncrossing her legs, revealing her long legs, and further up, her red tiny panties.
She rubs her hands up and down her legs, stretching her beautiful toes, arching her back, her nipples pressing against the tight cotton t-shirt. The shape of her breasts, showing through the shirt.
She knows I'm horny - shes teasing me.
She rubs her hand up her leg, going higher, then higher some more.
She lays on the sofa, again, arching her back, her beautiful stomach, soft, smooth- just so sexy.

She parts her legs, and her hands start to explore.
She knows she's teasing me - she knows Im hard, and wanting her.

She pulls her skirt up a little, her undies now on full display. She sucks her finger-tip, and rubs herself a little, through her panties

She closes her eyes for a moment, and pulls her knickers to one side.
She runs her tongue around her finger again- she is still teasing me.
Then she begins to **********, slowly at first, then as she moistens, a little faster- she knows I like this show- it's turning me on, as well as herself.
Working herself, she is near to her moment of pleasure
She opens her eyes, and as her ****** draws near, she gives me the sign that Im now aloud to pleasure myself

I undo my zipper, and very very quickly rub myself
She comes
And That makes me ***
As I squirt my seed all over myself, she **** again.

My wife loves to make me ***
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 16, 2012