Soft And Lite

One of the appeals of frilly clothing is that it is hard to make someting frilly and not make it soft. Thus, to wear something frilly is to be encased in soft, lite material and feels so very good against your skin. As a male who keeps everything below my eyebrows shaved clean, the feeling of sensuous material is so wonderful.

Most of the time I wear at least an under wire bra - usually soft cups with not shaping - panties, some sort of a foundation garment, and if it is cool enough - hose and a camisole. All of this under my male street clothes. While that is a kick in itself, walking around with no one knowing while you are looking at others wondering what female has anything on as pretty as what you are wearing and looking at other men wondering if they too are like you.

Still such attire is pretty constrictive, so occaisonally I wear my soft, frillies. The bra I like would never hold a breast because it is all for show with no support. The same is true of the matching panties. Both a gauze thin, ruffles on all hems, and both tie on. When I wear this outfit under male clothing, I am aware of the next to nothing kind of things I have on and love the freedom.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

oh wow sweetie thats so well expressed...i indulge in similar dressing tastes, & i have always wondering whether anyone can hear my clothing making a swishing sound when i have on nylons? anyway i loved your story so much. it has a very feminine point of view. love, tessa