What I Own In Black Leather!!!

I own a soft black leather jacket, a biker jacket, 2 pairs of gloves, pants, skirt for fetish purposes, backpack, ottoman, and 2 pillows. What do you own in black leather?

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I have a pair of black leather jeans and black boots. In the past I've owned black leather briefs with zip fly and black leather thongs.

My black leather collection consists of:
2 pairs of black leather motorcycle pants
1 pair of black leather police pants also have a pair in camo leather
short sleeve leather button up shirt
long sleeve leather shirt
2 vests one all black and one black and white
Leather boxer shorts
2 leather thongs
1 leather jock
2 harnesses
2 black jackets
Leather duvet cover on my bed

I have a pair of black leather jeans and boots. Used to have some leather briefs with a zip fly at one time!

my collection: (much large when i include other colors;))
75 skirts or various lengths and styles
6 dresses
5 pair pants
3 bras
2 panty
7 corsets
2 coats
5 pair boots
2 pillow cases