Wearing Lacy Bras

Oh My, I would have to say that wearing a cute. lacy push-up bra is so very femme! The way the push up inserts rub my little A cup nubs is so stimulating. And the lacy front and bra straps hugging my chest is most satisfying. Then you can continue dressing up so gurly!
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3 Responses Sep 27, 2010

Oh yes! I know the feeling. But now thanks to estroegn and then small implants, I now wear a bra for comfort. I still have some lacey ones for show, but not for every day wear.

Oh, my fat nipples still show through a lacy bra and the sensation of them in a bra keeps my **** so hard all the time. The mind goes into the sweet feminine mode of sensitivity that only a girl mind can know when ultra hot and horny. Nylons and heels and a bra, what a way to spend the day being turned on so hot you explode in the gurly mode of life. I love it. To be all the girl you can be and stand in front of the mirror and let the mind absorb you femininity with a hard **** sticking out and ************ on the mirror and then so horny still to fall to the floor and face the long mirror with hot rich *** splattered and the feminine tongue lapping all your *** that just moments ago were in your big hanging balls. What a rush.

Yes it is so arousing to wear a lacy bra. I wear a 40B cup and fill the cups naturally. I love the way the cups support my moobs and the way they bounce when I walk. Ummmmmm the feeling is so feminine and I always jack off when I wear my bras. I even *** in my hand and eat it. OH SO YUMMY!!!!!!!

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