Lucky Me

I not only like to wear bras I am reaching the stage where I have to wear bras I am  now a  40b without any padding at all ,all down to  a herbal regime Oh lucky me
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40B means my bra size is 40 inches around my chest area and the B means my boobies fit a B cup on my bra.

Actually their size and weight helps now , I massage almond tree oil into them and the weight helps them grow ,they are also more sensitive and soft and feminiine to touch Im ecstatic

Proud of you you must really feel happy with their weight and how they jiggle<br />
<br />

I wear a 40B cup and don't need any padding. I have natural B cup ******* and love the way they fill up my B cups. It is so arousing to feel them bounce when I walk.

in this example "40b" 40 is the measurement around your chest and under your boobs. THe B indicates that when measured over the fullest part of your boobs is 2 inches longer and therefor the cup size is a B cup. 2 Inches= B cup; 3 inches= C cup; 4 inches= D cup

40b is my bust size without any padding at all

I am wondering wat does 40b mean