Love To Wear Bras And Panty

I am 23 year old male. and i am a normal persone.

I love to wear bras & panty. I weard it many times when i am alone at home.

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22-25, M
7 Responses Jan 25, 2011

I only only own and wear panty bra now my wife buys them for me

Sounds like you have a great wife, like I do, too!

she lets me wear my skirts at home

That's great dear and like my wife told me back when we were dating that since I enjoyed wearing bras and panties she could see no reason I shouldn't wear them full time. So have you tried underdressing, wearing a bra and panties under your drab clothes? It makes the day more enjoyable.

Me too. Whenever I'm home alone I try on my wife's lingerie but never last long before jacking off.

I agree with you. I wear both and... Well lets just say you know what I do while in them. My wife hates me wearing them. So I do it when I'm alone.

Sounds like fun to me !!!!!

Add a matching garter belt and stockings. You'll love the feel of both.

Good, I am male. I am also like to wear Bra and blouse.<br />
I like to wear Silkskirts and silky blouse always , while I am alone in my home. 22 year old guy.. Me too like wearing bra and panties in my all alone in my room.. I am very happy to wearing bra&amp;panties ..

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