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i love to wear bras. i have no clue why but its fun. i really love to walk around my house without my shirt on. well, when no one is at home. i like to wear colorful bras or ones with a something one them. :)
EnemyOfLife EnemyOfLife 13-15, F 8 Responses May 24, 2011

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Yes I love wearing bra but the pantys has to match. I love the most is the one that add two cup size bra and the pantys has to match

i know how u feel.i love my bras.mostly wear thongs though.add me please

i love wearing bra with pantys n stockings

Having always been intrigued by the sight of a female breast, wearing a bra with a little enhancement in it gives me the opportunity to feel for myself what it must be like to be a woman! I love it and have really come to appreciate the feeling of a bra "hugging" me - probably more than most women do!

lol yeah, boyshorts are one of my favorites. XD i love all the different colors they come in.

lol cool xD

So much designs and colors to choose from, im really into boyshort panties lately and any undies with Hello Kitty on it :D

@NemesisLusch: lol yeah, i like undies in general to :) there just so fun to me.

yeh i luv them too they are cute and sexy :) well i like undies in general :P

lol yeah xD they really are