Ladyoy Wears Abra

im a 22 year old man who likes to wear a 38b bra , it just makes me feel relaxed especially when i put the implants in to make it my breasts look more girly i am gay but this is the only piece of womens clothing i like to wear although my mum doesnt like me to
ladyboy2218 ladyboy2218
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 9, 2012

i love the feeling the bra gives me and the tightness and cupping sensation and seeing it thru a sheer toplso dress up in full attire usually a short loose skirt and panties nylons with garter belt loving the silkiness

enjoy, it's a great feeling to have your **** held tight and uplifted by a lacy bra! Rub you nipples thru that lacy bra and see how great that feeling is!!

I love to wear womens clothes especially a bra.