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I love my brassieres, long line, bandeau...but I am looking for a sports bra to wear daily when I power walk. 4 miles every morning over a 60 minute time frame.
I wear a 42C. My favorite bras are Glamorise, and number 2 is an Elilia.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
I have looked at Coobie, New Balance, Moving Comfort.
I wear a high waist brief panty girdle during walking.
Ideally would like something like a long line sports bra.Do they exist? I do have a high back posture bra, love it, but not enough support.
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I have the Enell sports bra in black and white. Found them at a local running attire shop in town. Goddess also has a sports bra in their product line and I believe Glamorise does too. Eneell is nice because it is for high impact activities..

I have the Enell in pink satin, awesome fit, front closure, great for workouts.

The bra is very supportive. I wasn't aware it's available in pink. Did you find it online or at a local store? What size did you choose?

It comes in 4 colors, and I chose a shimmery pink, with a donation to breast cancer causes. The sizing is unique and the Enell website walks you through it, a brief video to watch. I wear a size 4. You measure over a regular bra.
I purchased it from Bare Essentials on line.

On line from Bare Necessities, Size 4.

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Sounds sporty.

I chose on an Enell 100, very "industrial" looking, front closure, comes in pink, great fit, bought it from Bare Essentials!

I'll need to check the brands of sports bras I have and then report back to you.

Thanks! The Enell 100 in pink is backordered but I will report when I have it on, several times.