Enjoy Wearing Bras

I have been wearing bras over 40 years now and I still love it. There are so many styles, fabrics and colors to chose from. It's a great feeling to put one on first thing in the morning.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

As I write this I am wearing a Goddess longline, 1304, (unfortuntely discontinued) with forms and a Rago Hiwaist LLPG. It feels so natural to be wearing a bra and how the combination provides nice comfortable feminine shaping.

Sorry to hear the Goddess longline bra has been discontinued..

I love my Elilia and Glamorise longlines. My Goddess Keira is a very special brassiere, in black, satiny and so senuous.

I also have a Goddess Keira and agree that it is very nice and have come to like better than than the 1304. More feminine and nicely styled.

Fully agree. Right now I am wearing a Glamorise, underwire, minimizer, wide straps, tapestry fabric in the cups, a great fit. I cannot even feel it is on.<br />
I am wearing it with a VaBien HWLLPgirdle.<br />
My favorite bra retailers are: Brabarella, Lady Grace, and Bare Essentials.<br />
I use cup "fillers" that really accentuate the line.

Hi moyerj, Yes, Lady Grace is a great place to buy bras and girdles. Have been going there for many years. Glamorise is a wonderful line of bras. Why did you buy a minimizer bra style?

I just love the line it gives me, the compression feels wonderful, a long thought out choice over the months and years. The antithesis would be a bullet bra, absolutely no intrest in one of those!No appeal, but the minimizer and maybe a t-shirt bra, my first and second choices.

Walking 4 miles this morning, I wore a Glamorise front closure, wide straps, satin and lace cups, pockets in the cups for the inserts, great fit.