How I Started To Dress Up

When I was a kid I saw my mother`s bra hanging in the bathroom and I started thinking I would like to try it on.the first 2 times I did it I did not hook it up but what a thrill it was when I put it on all the way. I could not stop. in no time I was dressing up in more womans cloths when my parents went out. then a very big thrill for me was lip stick.I have had thoughts of getting rid of my male cloths and to dress up all the way all the time.I even dream about it.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

With my wife's help and encouragement over time we kept adding to my female wardrobe, eventually getting rid of my male clothes. It is great ... and doubly so since my wife and I are about the same size so we can borrow from each other and we do.

I have had those thought to. I love to wear a bra.