The First Time I Put One On

One day I was bored and became curious and decided to buy a bra and put on one, boy was I happy I did. Since this day I wear bras every now and then, not everyday since I only have a few bras to wear. I love how they fill on my skin and I never thought wearing one would be so cool. I know a lot of people hate wearing them because they are uncomfortable, well I disagree, mine are comfortable and really a lot of fun to wear.

However - I have not worn many outside my house yet, that is something I am slowly trying to work on, I know I will get weird looks but who cares right? it's my choice after all.
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You can wear it like me,I wear a size 32 bra.then i wear my shirt and i go every where like that.
but i dont know how to tell my parents.

Yeah I've thought about that too about my parents, That's the hard part

How well I remember my firat bra also. First I used socks to fill it, and then went to water ballons. They really felt good and moved around a lot, until one day one broke. It was a good thing that I was driving by myself, because I never thought that there was so much water in it. That is when I bought my first set of forms. After that I started to wear them in public under a jacket, or a heavy sweater. It was a couple of years later that my wife found my bras, and I thought OH BOY, here goes. She sure surprised me when she said it was obvious that I like to wear one, that she was going to help me grow boobs to fill one out with out forms. Also with a bra goes panties which she bought for me the next day.

I have not tried water ballons, I wonder what that would be like? I use socks right now socks give me more comfort

They are about the most realist feeling that you can get. They move just like a real boob. However like i say, be carefull of breakage. Get the best ones you can find

I had heard about Jello, and bird seeds also, but never did try any. I have no need to wear forms or ballons or anything else now. where estrogen stopped off, implants finished the job. I now wear a 38B bra and fill it completely. I sure do love my boobs.

Last week i found a old bra size 38DD that I had forgot about. I do fill a 38B complelety now, but wondered what a DD would look like again. Remembering old days I got some ballons and filled them with water. What a feeling that was. After wearing it for a couple of hours, I was sure glad that I went with small implants. But it was nice to bring back old memories.

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