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The First Time I Put One On

One day I was bored and became curious and decided to buy a bra and put on one, boy was I happy I did. Since this day I wear bras every now and then, not everyday since I only have a few bras to wear. I love how they fill on my skin and I never thought wearing one would be so cool. I know a lot of people hate wearing them because they are uncomfortable, well I disagree, mine are comfortable and really a lot of fun to wear.

However - I have not worn many outside my house yet, that is something I am slowly trying to work on, I know I will get weird looks but who cares right? it's my choice after all.
snakeyes1123 snakeyes1123 26-30, M 2 Responses Aug 14, 2012

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You can wear it like me,I wear a size 32 bra.then i wear my shirt and i go every where like that.
but i dont know how to tell my parents.

Don't tell them, let them find out.

Yeah I've thought about that too about my parents, That's the hard part

How well I remember my firat bra also. First I used socks to fill it, and then went to water ballons. They really felt good and moved around a lot, until one day one broke. It was a good thing that I was driving by myself, because I never thought that there was so much water in it. That is when I bought my first set of forms. After that I started to wear them in public under a jacket, or a heavy sweater. It was a couple of years later that my wife found my bras, and I thought OH BOY, here goes. She sure surprised me when she said it was obvious that I like to wear one, that she was going to help me grow boobs to fill one out with out forms. Also with a bra goes panties which she bought for me the next day.

I have not tried water ballons, I wonder what that would be like? I use socks right now socks give me more comfort

They are about the most realist feeling that you can get. They move just like a real boob. However like i say, be carefull of breakage. Get the best ones you can find

water balloons are great, cold water in the summer keeps one cool and warm in winter keeps one warm. Like the old hot water bottle trick. Try Jello if you are worried about breakage. I also have found that not using them twice is a good rule.
Be careful of finger nails, rough finger tips, and anything sharp on your chest like shaved chest hairs etc. I have even slept with them and was lucky, but have had them break about 4 times per year dressing every weekend not bad, they are very cheap and the best feeling.I also have forms and snagged one, these can also break but no spillage. I prefer the water balloons over forms anyway.

I had heard about Jello, and bird seeds also, but never did try any. I have no need to wear forms or ballons or anything else now. where estrogen stopped off, implants finished the job. I now wear a 38B bra and fill it completely. I sure do love my boobs.

Last week i found a old bra size 38DD that I had forgot about. I do fill a 38B complelety now, but wondered what a DD would look like again. Remembering old days I got some ballons and filled them with water. What a feeling that was. After wearing it for a couple of hours, I was sure glad that I went with small implants. But it was nice to bring back old memories.

You will never go back to socks, water balloons is the most realistic from my experience. Having silicone inserts is second. When a water balloon breaks it seems that you get more wet than anticipated for sure. I have found using warm water in winter is like a hot water bottle, in the summer, cold water keeps the heat down. Water still rules in my book but then again I use silicone when possible but they are not as realistic.

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