I Wear Bras But My Wife Doesn't

My wife has hardly ever worn a bra in all the years we have been married and has never been bothered that the outlines of her breasts and nipples are visible. About twenty years ago she was going to discard a couple of old bras that had hardly been worn, but I decided to try them on. I fell in love with the feelings they gave me and that was the start of my cross dressing. I now wear all ladies underwear even when dressed as a man in public. I wear miniscule panties and quarter cup and peephole bras that she was never happy wearing for my pleasure. We have just about swapped roles when it comes to undies and I am always Cynthia at home and a man in public. She likes using me as a dress-up doll and having me prance around the house in whatever outfit tickles her fancy at the time. I love the comments she makes about my sissy appearance and we are both very happy with our new role reversal.
malecynthia malecynthia
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Awesome ... isn't it great to have a supportive and encouraging wife! I do too ...

wow what fun:)

That is a wonderful thing, you both found what makes you happiest and you support each other even though they aren't what "they" call normal roles. Whoever "they" are should change their rules.