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I was about 12 when I first tried on my Mothers bra. I remember sticking socks in it to make me stick out. It was not until later on in life that I started to wear one again. At first I would once again use socks, but then read about water ballons, and that worked real good. I loved the movement that I got when walking. That was fine until one day one side broke. I couldn't believe the amount of water that was in it. I couldn't go home yet, so I called and made an excuseto my wife about working. I was pretty dry when I got home, but she had gone to bed so no problem. The next day I ordered silicon inserts. That worked great until my wife found them. I figured the end of the world was near, but she said that she didn't know that I liked wearing a bra, and if I wanted to grow boobs she was all for it and would help me. What a surprise that was to me. A couple days later she asked me if I ever wore panties, and I told her no. She said that if I wore a bra that I should wear panties also. She gave me a pair to try on, and we found out that we both wore the same size. From that day on that is all I ever wear. Also I have my own boobs now to fill out a 38B bra completely.
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very lucky.

What a lucky gurl!

That's wonderful

You lucky man. My wife knows about my fondness of panties. She has even bought panties for me. She and I each do the laundry and she politely places MY PANTIES in my pile of clean clothes. Very cool since telling her about my panty fetish. How do I tell her that I would like to wear a bra, and would love breast forms too? Jen

I told mine how lucky she was to have breast and that I wish i had some. Surprise, surprise!!!! She said that I could have them also if I want them. She read where males could take estrogen and grow them also, and if I wanted to she would help me with the pills. What a surprise it was to me. She also said if I grow breast that I would have to wear a bra. Man I was in heaven. Now I could wear panties and a bra all the time.

Nice i remember wearing my moms too!!!!

That seems to be the start for a lot of us

Obviously you have a loving, understanding, supportive and encouraging wife, like I do. So we both are not only lucky, but blessed. Like you, I too have grown my own but now with hormones I am a very full 36B and when I recently, at my wife's suggestion, got fitted for some new bras I measured out as a 36C. I am delighted with what I got and I don't want to grow them any bigger ...

My wife wants me to get a bra fitting, but till now I have said no. Maybe in the new year I will get tge courage to have a fitting. I wear mostly Playtex that fit me like a glove, but I have always worn a B cup, and lately they have beem getting just a little tight in the cup. I have been thinking that maybe a C cup would be better. I have beem off the estrogen, so why they are growing I din't know. I do know that I love having them more each day it seems.

You should go get a fitting. I went to a lingerie place and the young lady took me in a changeroom and measured me and we shopped for a nice pushup bra for me. It was a very lovely way to enjoy the day. Now, I get compliments on how well my bras fit

I finally got a fitting about a year ago. It helped that my wife came with me. The end of the world did not come, and much to both of our surprises, the ones that she had bought for me when I first started growing boobs, and the bigger cup ones since, were the right size for me.

Well it is nice to hear that not only do you have a supportive bra that fits but a supportive wife as well. ;-)

Well you certainly should take your wife up on having a bra fitting, dear, especially since you said that a B-cup is getting a little tight in the cup. As for why your breasts seem to be still growing even though you are no longer on estrogen, I don't know why either. But it could be that you took estrogen long enough that it stimulated the glan in your body that naturally makes it to produce more ... at least that is my guess.

I have to agree with you. However I am not complaining about it at all. Even my wife made a comment about how much nicer my boobs seemed to be. So I have said in the past that a B cup was big enough, but it looks like I am going to find out what a C cup is like.

Good for you! I will be interested in hearing what you have to say when you get fitted and try a C-cup. I wasn't uncomfortable in a B, but now I find a C more comfortable during every day wear.

I will let you know. I am looking forward to it. Maybe a little embarsed about it, but I am going to stick with it, and my wife said that she would go with me. Have you ever had a female refuse to help you when trying on a bra? I was thinking of just having my wife come in the fitting room with me. This is the next big step. We have always bought bras and tried them on at home, and then if they didn't fit bring them back. My wife says with what I now have, I should get professional help in a fitting. What happened the first time you went for a fitting?

Thanks and yes I will be looking forward to hearing how your bra fitting went. As for me, no I have never had a gal refuse to fit me. Remember, they are in the business to sell and you are there to buy and part of that is for them to make sure your bra fits properly so you'll come back to buy more. So yes the gal will need to be with you and your wife in the fitting room so she can see if the bra fits you right ... yes there is more to it than just running a tape measure around your chest and breast. Like you I was a little nervous the first time, but the gal who fitted me was very pleasant and professional. And my wife was right, getting a proper fit makes all the difference in the world.

I finally got a fitting. Not until july of 2014 till I get the nerve to go. My wife was hounding me enough to go, that I finaly gave in. There was no question that I should be wearing a C cup. It fit me like a glove. We ended up with 4 sets of bras. I can't believe how much more comfortable a C cup is. Dum me for not going sooner.

Good for you dear and good for your wife hounding you. Isn't it great to have bras that fit right! ;-)

I keep telling my wife that she should have dragged me to a fitting sooner. What a big difference in feeling. The cups do not appear to be much bigger, but the feeling does not lie. A big thanks to my wife. I love her even more.

Obviously, like me, you too have a great wife!

We sure do! I feel sorry for males that are like us, and can not express their feelings.

Me too, me too!

Thanks for the support. I will take a deep breath, smile and go.

Good for you ... ;-)

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What an understanding wife you have. Do you shop together for lingerie?

Yes, I am very lucky to have her. We do shop a lot together for bras, bit panties we both wear the same size, so she mostly buys those.

We did a lot of studying on the effects of hormones, and decided that the only way to trully grow boobs was to go on estrogen. She has helped me all the way. The first thing that I took was some of her HRT pills she gave me, until I could get my own estrogen from overseas. Estrogen got me up to a nice A cup, but that was as big as i could go. Just like GG's, they grow about so big and that is it. I wanted bigger so she found a Doctor that would see me, and advise the nessecary shrink visit and all that BS. On my first visit my wife came along with me into his office, and after talking to us and seeing my boobs that I had, he set up an appointment for me just one month away. I wanted DD or at least D, but they both talked me into a full B cup. I am sure glad they did, because now they look so darn much like a females, not male moobs at all. THey are round and soft, and you can not see or feel the silicon implants at all. I now wear a 38B bra all the time for support,

That is great! How did you grow the boobs? I'm trying but am having very limited success.