Husband Wears Panties, But Would Like To Wear A Bra Too

Can I ask your opinion on something? Well, about two years ago I told my wife that I missed her alot when she was gone for a few days and I wore her panties to ********** with. She wasn't too shocked as she has let me rub myself in the past with her satin panties. She then thrilled me and said' "let me see." I then went into our bedroom, obtained a pair of her satin panties, put them on and rubbed myself until I came. I often would rub myself with her panties before sex and she asked me, "you're not turning gay or becoming a transvestite?" I reassured her that I just likde the feeling of the panties. My wife loves to use her vibrator before sex and **** numerous times.

Last year, I texted my wife while she was out shopping and asked her if she would buy me a few pairs of panties. She texted me back and said, "you have plenty." I told her that many of her panties were getting worn out and that I enjoyed stroking myself with her panties. I then told her that I did not have a vibrator that made me *** multiple times and simply enjoying the feeling of the panties. About an hour later, my lovely wife called me and said, "you are going to flip. I just bought you two pair of the most silkiest panties ever! " When my wife got home she immediately had me undress and try on a tan pair of panties. OMG did they feel good and it was even better because my wife had bought them for me. She then asked me again if I was becoming a transvestite. I told her that I was not becoming a tranvestite, but had began using panties in high school/college and loved the feeling. I explained to her that not only did I love the feeling, but that I became extremely turned on while wearing panties. She then told me that the panties were on sale and that if I really liked them I should return to the store and buy some more panties for myself. I asked her to buy the panties for me, but she politely declined and said, "If you want some more panties, just go and buy them." I hugged my wife and drove to mall and purchased several more pairs of panties. Now, before we have sex she will used her vibrator as usual. My wife will then turn toward me and say, "why don't you use the panties? I will then put on a nice pair of panties and stroke myself until she is ready to have sex. Over the last several months, I have had several dreams of my wife catching me or detecting that I was wearing a bra under my shirt.

Now, finally my main question. My wonderful wife is accepting of my panty wearing, but how do I tell her that I would like to wear a bra occasionally at home or sometimes when we make love? Do I just say, "Honey, I need to talk with you. Everything is fine, but I wanted to tell you something about my past. You know about my fondness of panties. Well, in high school I tried on a bra a few times while wearing panties and it really turn me on. The first time I tried on a bra I was literally "hooked." I was too afraid to tell you, but I thought that since you have been accepting in regards to the panties I would just tell you. When I had my first job, I went to a department store to just buy some panties. The saleslady immediately inquired if I was shopping for my girlfriend and I just blurted out "yes." She ended up talking me into buying not only a black pair of panties, but a matching bra as well. I left the store, returned to my apartment and had a great time with the panties. After several cold nights alone, I though about the bra in the bag and decided why not try it again since it was so good in high school. I enjoyed the feeling of the bra on me. The straps, the stuffed cups and just the naughty feeling of doing something that I could enjoy in private were exciting. Since we've been married, I have used one of your old bra's a few times a year. I just wanted you to know about this. I am not gay, I am not turning into a transvestite, and don't desire to wear a wig or make-up or dresses. This is just something from my past that has turned me on. I would like to occasionally make out with you while wearing a bra and panties. It would make foreplay and/or our love making quite interesting. Even if I could only experience this with you just once even couple of months it would be great. You are extremely hot and turn me on, but this is just something about my past that I have kept from you because I wasn't sure how you would react. If this isn't something that you would like me to continue doing, I will stop the occasional bra wearing and just stick to the panties for my fun. Sorry, and I hope you understand.
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Try a nice silky nightie next, you will love it.

It's ok, really. Tell her you are a cross dresser, you're not gay! (It's OK too if you are). It's taken me along time to admit it, but I love to dress up in bras, panties and girdles, but I am totally in love with my wife and am very attracted to her. I don't feel a need to dress any further than that. Life is too short to deny what truly makes you happy, you're very lucky to have an understanding wife. Being a cross dresser has nothing to do with homosexuality, there are the same percentage of gay's who CD's as in the general population. It does not affect how much you love your wife!! There is no 1 side or the other, it's all points along the spectrum.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!

Tell her, I am sure she will understand

Why not buy you and your wife matching bras and tell her you love them. As Angie says you are a crossdresser and have an overwhelming desire to wear a bra and panties.

LOL... Face it. Your a crossdresser like the rest of us. Given the opportunity I'm sure you would dress totally fem if you could. Its OK. We all gone through this conflict at some point.Many of us as pre-teens in our sisters or mothers clothes...;-)

Sounds to me that you really like to wear woman's clothes!
The only problem is the more you wear the more you will want to wear!! Trust Me when I say that!! I now will dress completely when I have the chance too make up and all it doesn't stop ask around here on EP if you don't believe me it is an addiction once you start!!
My wife knows and allows me to dress during sex and it is amazing!!
Hint around to her about the bra as she already knows that you like panties! what's the worst she can say to you other than No!
Good Luck!

I totally understand. My gf, whom i live with has become absolutely ok with panties, pantyhose, stockings and bras and i am so very happy about that, you have no idea. Makes life so much better!

Dear Wigman,

You are right. I guess I do not have to push the envelope with the bra. But, I have to ask myself, why not? I do understand that I am lucky. It is very cool during foreplay when me wife tells me to put my panties on and rub myself! I have some very sexy white Soma satin with lacy panties and several pairs of Cabernet panties from Dillards. My wife bought this for me. Tell your Mrs. that you like the feeling, that you are not gay, and that you have been wearing panties or ************ with panties since you were a teenager. Jen

I understand your feelings. Do you realize how lucky you are to have a wife willing to accept you wearing panties? Many of us would love to include our wives in this part of our lives but have been told NO or get out if you do, my self included. Do you REALLY need to push the envelope to include the bra? Again I too would love to share this side of me with the wife but the end results may be to be alone and able to wear them all the time. And I do not want that.