It is such a rush to have a fully visible bra under my to go shopping for bras and panties this way. It is fun to see the reactions of women when they see my bra. Would love to have a woman ask me about it.
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That's one of my favorite past times. I can't seem to get enough.

It is fun when your shopping for lingerie and people watch you. Are the person ask if your getting for your wife and you say no this is for me!!!

Hi would love to do what you do. Hugs Debbie

Nothing to it but to do it, I was nervous at first, but after I did it a few times it got easier and easier.

What reactions have you had?

Once I heard a woman tell her friend "look, he's wearing a bra", to which they both giggled. Another time a sa touched my shoulder feeling my bra strap and offered me a fitting. Unfortunately I was too embarrassed to take her up on that. Both instances were very exciting.

Too bad you didn't accept the bra fit offer.

Exciting bad your didn't take that SA up on a fitting. I bet your would have loved that also.

Asking and comments about wearing a bra are common and I am becoming more used to it

Do tell Donn ... I know I and I am sure others would love to hear more about what women ask and their comments about you wearing a bra.

You haven't had a woman ask you about your wearing a bra breasts, how surprising.

Out of curiosity, have you been fitted in store etc? I've never done that. I do most of my lingerie shipping online, but I've wondered what it might be like to be fitted by someone

Never done that, have tried on panties and bras in the fitting rooms though.

Sure have ... over the years as I grown my own I've had 4 professional fittings. It is great and nice to be wearing a properly fitting bra.